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The Travel at 60 Essential Cruise Guide

All the secrets to great cruising inside.

Learn about the types of cruises, the big cruise destinations, the best time to go, handy tips for first-time cruisers, the things you should pack, picking the perfect cabin type, tips for solo cruisers and so much more.

The Travel at 60 Essential Cruise Guide is designed to provide our over-6os community with all the information you need to choose the right cruise and make the most of your trip.

You might be asking: why a cruise guide just for over-60s? After all, anyone of any age can make a booking with their local travel agent and jump on a ship, so how much do I really need to know and why would my age make any difference?

Well, if you’re over 60, you’re more likely to be retired or able to take big chunks of time off work to enjoy farflung cruise destinations. Most importantly, you’ll have more opportunities to cruise in off-peak or ‘shoulder season’ periods, scoring cheaper fares many other travellers will miss out on.

This 35-page guide is free to download and includes information on:

  • Cruising after Covid-19
  • The best time to cruise to some of the most popular destinations
  • The types of ships and cruises you can travel on
  • The different types of cabins you can book
  • The essential cruise packing checklist
  • Helpful tips for first-time cruisers
  • What you need to know about cruising solo and cruise accessibility
  • And, you’ll find a selection of fantastic cruises you can book via Travel at 60.

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