September Horoscope: Emotional turmoil and new beginnings are on the horizon

Sep 23, 2023

As we dive into late September, brace yourselves for an exciting spiritual events lineup! This month, we’re in for a celestial treat with the grand finale of Supermoons for the year and the arrival of the Spring Equinox.

These celestial occurrences will have a profound impact on our emotional well-being and relationships. We to be mindful of how we communicate with our loved ones during this time of celestial turbulence.

First up, the Spring Equinox on September 23, marking the moment when day and night share equal hours. Following closely on its heels is the renowned Full Harvest Moon on September 29. But this year, it’s not just any Supermoon; it’s the biggest and brightest of them all.

The Harvest Supermoon will be in Aries, the independent, fierce and fiery sign of the Ram.

Aries is ruled by Mars – the planet of war – and we can expect arguments if we’re not careful!

It could be a tumultuous and emotional time as additional hostility or aggravation may be on the cards. Many could be feeling more impatient or irritable.

When the Sun is in Libra and the Moon is in Aries, life bounds between fierce independence and the importance of cultivating emotional connections.

The topic of relationships could be forefront and it is important to strike a balance between self and friends, partners or loved ones. 

On the flipside, Spring Equinox signals new beginnings which may require balancing changes in our lives. It’s also a great time to start a new project or breathe some life back into relationships.

As we entered the changing of the seasons with Spring, we also needed to be mindful that the heavens are challenging us with the ultimate goal of personal growth. Focus on achieving balance during this time of emotional overload.

Resolving small things in yourself should be forefront… and rest up!

Spring Equinox: September 23

September 23 is the Spring Equinox in the southern hemisphere, when the midday sun is directly above the equator, giving every location on the planet 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness.

It’s an important seasonal point when the Sun crosses the celestial equator heading south to create longer, warmer days in the southern hemisphere.

Spiritually, Spring Equinox represents the seeds you have planted over winter – whether physical or in your unconscious.

It signifies new beginnings which could relate to relationships, jobs, new creativity or life direction. These ideas you have been planting now may come to fruition.

Full Harvest Supermoon: September 29

A Supermoon occurs when a Full Moon orbits closer to the Earth – specifically, when it’s closer than 360,000 km.

The Moon is about 21,000km closer than its usual distance from Earth, making it appear around 5.8% bigger and 12.8% brighter than usual.

While Full Moons are traditionally reflective and emotional times, we can expect increased spontaneity, impulsivity and boldness this time around with the Supermoon in Aries.

While the spiritual effects of the Harvest Supermoon will be felt by everyone to some extent, because Aries was a Cardinal Fire sign, this sign along with Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will feel it most.

Every Full Moon has its name based on the month or the season in which it appears – which allows people to reflect on each season and contemplate how it affects them and the natural world.

Next Friday’s Harvest Supermoon will be the last Supermoon of the year and will reach its peak at 4.57 am AEST.

Rose Smith’s Harvest Supermoon horoscopes:

 This Supermoon in your sign casts its light directly upon you! It’s time to review how you approach the world – often with spontaneity, action and perhaps impulsiveness. Do be cautious of going overboard with emotional outbursts however, it’s also important to be authentic and not compromise your own authenticity. The Spring Equinox can help you find a balance between independence and the needs of others. You may consider an ‘identity update’ now, paying special attention to your appearance so that it mirrors who you really are. If you do feel overly emotional, take a step back and reflect on any cyclical patterns that reoccur in your life. This is your theme: “In the Aries sky, the Supermoon shines bright, a fiery glow, a celestial light. With courage and passion, do take flight doing a cosmic dance in the starry night”.

The Supermoon is at home in your spiritual zone! It’s a great time to pay attention to your dreams, do some meditation and have time out for self-reflection. Your intuition and psychic ability are likely being tweaked right now and if you pay attention, you may find surprising intuitions flashing across your mind with great alacrity! Get a massage and have time out to consider the direction of your life now. You may also be feeling more charitable or perhaps there is a connection with a hospital or some type of facility where others are taking a break from the world. You may also relate to the underdog or those disenfranchised from society in some way. Aries Supermoon’s fiery blaze, challenges Taurus in many ways, embrace changes in this lunar phase and it will all work out okay.

Your association with others particularly friends and networks may need some attention. It’s time to figure out who you really want in your life. The Supermoon also likely gives you a shakeup regarding your hopes and dreams. Are you fulfilling what you really want to do? You may find that soon, others come into your life to show you the way, so be open to opportunities to meet new people. You need people who are emotionally fulfilling and who are on the same page with similar beliefs. Your hopes and dreams get tweaked, but these tweaks are likely for the better. The Aries Supermoon is fierce and bold, for dear Geminis, there are stories to be told. New ideas and dreams soon unfold!

Some turbulence in your career zone is possible now, especially as Chiron the wounded healer is close by. Sometimes we are irritated by something, and this is Spirit’s way of telling us that healing is needed, especially involving authority figures or parents. You may be triggered by some past event that also needs some attention as unexpected things pop out of your subconscious. On the upside, you could be shining brightly in some ‘public’ way, perhaps on social media or involving your reputation. It’s time to review the direction of your life now and as the Moon is your ruler, you’ll likely feel its effects quite strongly. Remember that under Aries Supermoon’s vibrant gleam, Cancer’s heart is a vivid dream and your emotions surge like a flowing stream.

You may feel a desire to ‘grow your life’ in some way. Perhaps a trip is called for now, the foreign and exotic may appeal to you more than usual. If you can’t get away, go to a restaurant with food from another country. Your ‘House of the Higher Mind’ is being activated by this Supermoon, so you may be looking at ways you can increase your mental faculties through study, unusual experiences or even spirituality. Perhaps philosophy becomes more appealing, or you have more connections with people from foreign countries. Aries Supermoon is a fiery crown, and Leo’s heart shines renown. Confidence and passion, you will soon astound! Enjoy yourself and embrace something different so that both your head and heart expand.

Investments and other assets you share with others may be on your mind now. Perhaps taxes, superannuation or loans also need attention. You may come to realise that it’s time you put some money away for a rainy day. Intimacy or the lack thereof, could also feature in your thoughts. This Supermoon likely gives an emotional shakeup bringing your attention to issues of the heart. Relationships have to be real, and anything less is calling you to deal with it. Aries Supermoon, in the night’s array, for Virgo gives a meticulous display. Perfection-seeking, Virgo finds their way. So do try not to mull over everything too much as you are being divinely guided now so that things will work out for your highest good.

Significant others, partnerships and relationships get a shakeup as you will likely feel a surge of independence and autonomy. The Sun is in your sign illuminating a need for authenticity and personal liberation. However, it is also opposite the Supermoon in Aries bringing in a strong need for balancing your own needs versus those of others. Fortunately, for you lovely Libra, balancing seemingly opposite energies is something that you’re rather superlative at. You do know that ‘no person is an island’ and we all need a meaningful connection to others whilst simultaneously appreciating the need for freedom and self-sovereignty. Aries Supermoon leads a cosmic dance. For Librans, it’s a chance to enhance, balancing scales in a radiant trance. You can do it!

It’s time to look at what you do on a daily basis. Are your daily routine, work and habits up to scratch? Something could happen to encourage you to take a look and see if you can improve your everyday life. If you’re bored, jaded or feeling unmotivated, then this is a sign that the Supermoon will come into play to shake things up a bit. You need some variety and excitement so embrace change and look for golden opportunities where you can do something different. Your health or well-being could be similarly affected so be proactive as prevention is better than cure. Take time out for some personal pampering. Aries Supermoon shines a passionate light. Scorpio’s depths can bring delight when transformative energies finally take flight.

It’s time to bring some fun into your life… leisure and pleasure, creativity and romance are all themes that could be knocking on your door now! Are you enjoying your life? You could be… but if you’re not, then now is a fabulous time to reflect on how you can get more fun into your life. You may somehow be living closer to the world of the child now which may mean either more connections with children or alternatively, your own inner child wants to come out and play. It’s healthy to occasionally do things that may seem childlike in some way. For many this may involve romance and sometimes a shakeup is necessary so that we realise that we need others in our life. Aries Supermoon presents a fiery display. For Sagittarius, it lights the way to explore new horizons, be bold today!

Home is where the heart is, and you may find either your home or family needs some of your time and attention now. Yes, it could be a tad emotional. However, you don’t have to get caught up in any agitation, you can easily sidestep anything potentially unpleasant now you know it’s a possibility under the Supermoon. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of likely activity around your home and you may have people coming and going. You may also be cleaning up or reorganising your home life in some way. You can get a lot done now or you’re involved with family members accomplishing projects around their homes. Aries Supermoon is bold and bright, for Capricorn it’s a guiding light. In its glow, you reach new heights!

Communications could get a tad emotional, especially related to something going on in your local community. Alternatively, things could get a bit testy with distant family members including siblings or cousins. On the positive side, you’re likely to get some brilliant ideas in these areas and marketing and promotions could also benefit here. You’re probably pretty sharp now as flashes of brilliance dart about the landscape of your mind. So, record everything… write it down because those flashes will be gone in a microsecond. When they come, it will probably be ‘thick n fast’. Aries Supermoon is bright in skies so clear. For Aquarius, innovation is near… with creative energy you pioneer!

This Supermoon is conjunct to your ruler Neptune, which means your intuition is likely off the charts! Pay attention because Spirit is really giving you a heads-up on something important. Whilst it may not be the best time for logical thinking, you will require this too, especially as your personal finances are featuring rather strongly now. If you’re not paying attention to your financial situation, you will be soon! So, take proactive steps now rather than waiting for ‘the shoe to drop’.  Be cautious in your spending. Also, your values may change now as you realise new things have priority over money. Aries Supermoon is a cosmic tide, for Pisces – emotions deep inside. In soft light, your dreams will guide you!

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