November Horoscope: Fast paced full ‘beaver moon’ in Gemini set to cultivate curiosity

Nov 23, 2023
What does the ‘Beaver Moon’ have in store for your star sign? Source: Getty Images.

Our minds will be racing, and we can expect to be asking lots of questions with the approach of this month’s full ‘Beaver Moon’ in Gemini.

Because the November full moon will be ruled by Gemini, the sign of the twins will bring with it fast-paced, curious and chatty energy. We can look at our life from many perspectives and make objective decisions.

The moon will bring with it a chance to examine things that don’t work in our favour. It’s a time to ask important questions, to be curious and probe into what may or may not be serving us well.

Gemini is a mutable air sign and highly social, intelligent, witty and also signifies communication.

Combine this with spontaneity and change and we can look to brainstorm with others and reconnect with ourselves.

There will likely be real effects during the full moon causing many people to think deeply during the event, but especially for other mutable signs Sagittarius, Pisces, and Virgo.

Flashes of insight can be expected, and it will be a time to socialise and have fun. It’s also a time to be flexible and ready for anything.

But full moons also represent release and manifestation in astrology. And they like privacy – it’s important to have plenty of alone time, space in your own home or in your sanctuary, and make sure you are comfortable, safe and secure.

Full moons are about completion and endings, and it will be a perfect time to purge things that don’t serve a positive purpose.

The ‘Beaver Moon’ is naturally restful, so combining that with the restless nature of Gemini, there will be a need to slow down.

It could be a good time to turn off your devices and be silent for a while – because there’s too much chatter going on.

On the romantic side of life, the theme of chatter means a lot of discussions will be taking place.

If you are having an argument with your partner, it could actually be mutually beneficial as it will be a time to get out information that has been buried or suppressed.

Venus enters Scorpio on December 4th – a week later – so very intense feelings in relationships could also surface, particularly with women or someone like your mother.

Compellingly emotional and intense energies around intimacy will emerge, and anything to do with shared resources, for example, real estate inheritances, superannuation, and taxes.

Compulsive feelings for another person could enter the point of obsession. It’s a time for passion – and a great time for sex with sparks set to fly, particularly for Aquarius, Scorpio, and Libra.

This full ‘Beaver Moon’ has its name origins in North America, where beavers started preparing for the long winter, building shelter near the banks of rivers and streams. Hunters would set up beaver traps to make furs for the cold weather.

It will reach its peak on November 27th at 8.16 pm AEDT.

What does the ‘Beaver Moon’ have in store for your star sign?

Aries (March 21 to April 19): Do try to have some patience as your ruler Mars and the full moon aren’t very happy at the moment. Consequently, communications could be a bit tense early in the month. You could also be feeling irritable so spend some time alone especially as the full moon would like some privacy. You could be feeling particularly energetic right now, so have a plan before you impulsively jump into any new situations with your emboldened assertiveness. Your words are powerful so aim them carefully before you let fly. A full moon in Gemini, Aries takes the stage, with words igniting passions and ideas in a blaze. Connections abound, minds engage and amaze! Whatever happens, you continue through your insightful phase.

Taurus (April 20 to May 20): Keep your eye on the money honey! This full moon brings your attention to personal finances, possessions and even the things that you may value such as integrity and honesty. The full moon opposite the Sun and Mars can bring potent and energetic discussions around shared resources such as real estate or investments but also intimacy. It’s likely to be quite a ‘chatty’ month with many discussions and negotiations taking place. On the upside, you could also have some brilliant ideas to boot! You may also hear from distant family. Study or matters about your local area are likely on your agenda too. Full moon in Gemini, Taurus in its sway, communication blossoms in a charming display. Steady Taurus, embrace the verbal dance! Forge bonds, share thoughts in this lunar romance!

Gemini (May 21 to June 20): The full moon in your sign blesses you with insight! You may feel as if you can really see what is going on underneath the surface and you likely wear your heart on your sleeve at the moment. New ideas may come to you about your identity and appearance. So, this could be a great time for buying new clothes, makeup or changing your hair so that you may approach the world anew. Your feelings are probably indicating that it’s time to show everyone who you really are! Liberate yourself from your history and approach the world with more authenticity. Moon in Gemini makes a sparkling sight. Twin vibes twirl, dancing through the night. Your ideas take flight in lunar bloom. Your spirit shines bright in this celestial room. You’re reaching a new phase of self-discovery… well done!

Cancer (June 21 to July 22): This is quite a spiritual time for you. You may well feel like spending plenty of time alone with your thoughts and feelings. However, the Sun and Mars opposite your lunar ruler have other ideas. There is plenty of work to do in your normal everyday life so you could possibly feel torn between having some ‘me time’ and fulfilling your commitments. Health or wellbeing matters may demand your attention along with some sort of disruption to your normal everyday routine. Try the find a balance so that you can pay some attention to your dreams and those little insights you get throughout the daytime. This spiritual full moon, Cancer feels the pull. Your emotions run deep, like waves so full. Words touch the heart in this cosmic tune. Nurture connections beneath the lunar rune.

Leo (July 23 to August 22): It’s time to socialise! Your friends, groups and associations become more important than usual. You could meet some new friends or become closer to those you already know. Hopes and dreams could also be highlighted as you try to work out what you really want out of life. Mars conjunct the Sun opposite could cause some ructions as your creativity, romantic inclinations or children play up. Or perhaps, it’s your inner child who wants something more but you the adult has to take control. Negotiate with all the parts of yourself. In Gemini’s full moon, Leo finds its glow. Words can become drama – your heart’s grand show. Sparkling conversations are in the lunar gleam. Your charisma shines forth in this vibrant scene.

Virgo (August 23 to September 22): Your life can become more ‘public’ in some way, perhaps work calls you to a position working with the public or you get more exposure on social media. Do be extra careful what you share with others during this time because whatever happens, you’re in ‘the spotlight’! Authority figures such as employers or parents may pay you more attention now also, particularly your mother. Play it gently at home and with family members, otherwise Mars could stir the pot causing impatience and irritability. It’s a great time to contemplate your life’s direction and mission as your career can also take centre stage. A new job or a promotion may be on your agenda now. Beneath Gemini’s full moon, Virgo’s keen sight sharpens thoughts in the tranquil night. Words weave patterns in the celestial loom. Crafting clarity in this new lunar room!

Libra (September 23 to October 22): You can be charming, and this full moon gives you the chance to expand your life using your many charms. Even if you do feel in ‘two minds’ about how you do this, it’s important to have a shot. Make your life larger and more vibrant in some manner. Perhaps spirituality, travel or study can help show you more of whatever is needed to make your life grow. There’s no point in standing still, learn and experience new things. You might have more to do with foreign connections or become interested in the exotic – try visiting different restaurants and new places. During Gemini’s full moon, lovely Libra finds its grace. Conversations blossom in an airy embrace. Balance thoughts in the lunar glow, you seek harmony in beautiful words that flow!

Scorpio (October 23 to November 21): This full moon can bring up some intense feelings and you might be tempted to look the other way. However, Mars and the Sun have different ideas, so they’ll be pushing you to say what needs to be said. Don’t hold back on the truth! This could relate to matters of intimacy, shared resources such as investments, inheritances or taxes. Some decisions need to be made and it’s better to get things out into the open. Beneath Gemini’s full moon, Scorpio feels a stir. Words hold power, emotions do confer. Mysteries unveiled in the lunar light. Depth of thoughts whisper in the night. It’s time to come out of your emotional shell by allowing your true feelings out. It’s just possible you’ll feel some sense of relief!

Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21): Your committed relationships and partnerships come into focus this month. There’s bound to be lots of discussions, negotiations and decisions guided by thoughtful consideration. Mars and the Sun opposite are telling you to look after yourself and be independent, at the same time balance is required where you consider important relationships. Don’t throw out babies with bathwater. So do consider what you need to keep and what needs to be discarded. You can find a way to make this work. Under Gemini’s full moon, Sagittarius’ flame – conversations spark a quest to proclaim. Words wander freely in the night’s balloon, seeking wisdom’s depth in this lunar monsoon. It may seem like a whirlwind, but you’ll soon find your centre!

Capricorn (December 22nd to January 19): Everyday routines are important, so do develop some good daily habits that can make you more productive. Your work or health could also feature quite prominently now. Examine any stressors so you can minimise or eliminate them completely if you can! Do take some time out and enjoy some privacy, perhaps a trusted friend can lend a helpful ear? Mars and the Sun are prodding your subconscious, so do keep one of your ear’s alert for messages from below. You may feel inexplicably impatient as energies bubble up however now is probably not the best time for manifestation. Next month would probably do better. During Gemini’s full moon, Capricorn stands tall. Words hold weight and ambitions call. Structured discussions in the lunar gleam, craft paths forward in this cosmic stream!

Aquarius (January 20th to February 18): It’s time for some fun! Leisure and pleasure is the name of the game, so get your share this coming month. It’s also time to create, romance and entertain. You may play like a child or even have fun with children now. Crosswords, board games and theatre may have some appeal too. Mars and the Sun opposite this Full Moon may interject causing some turbulence with friends or groups, however you’re also likely to meet new people too. Your hopes and dreams may need some adjustment now; however, you can accommodate any required changes. Beneath the full moon, Aquarius takes flight. Conversations spark and ideas alight. Words weave tales of the future’s boon whilst innovations dance beneath the Moon’s tune.

Pisces (February 19 to March 20): A major conjunction between your Midheaven, the Sun and Mars is impressing upon you that your life direction needs to be sorted out now. You have an important life mission… be honest with yourself now… are you on this road? It’s time to change direction if you’re not. All this is happening opposite your home and family, so somehow a balance has to be found where you don’t feel torn between your life mission and those close to you. Your home could be your sanctuary now so grab some privacy to ruminate over these issues. Amid this full moon, Pisces dreams arise. Words paint pictures beneath starry skies. Emotions flow in the lunar gleam and your imagination soars in this celestial theme. Take some time out to consider your options.

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