The most harrowing scenes from the NSW flood crisis

Nov 15, 2022
NSW towns are now submerged underwater after torrential rain show no signs of ceasing. Source: Twitter @bikeymikey70

Residents in regional towns across Central NSW are living what can only be described as a never-ending nightmare as record-breaking floods continue to wreak havoc across the state.

Those living in the small rural town of Molong, in the Central-West, have described the flood as “like an ocean” as the rain and powerful storms battered the town overnight.

Speaking to The Guardian, David Stojanov, a Molong local, recounts spending Sunday night trapped on a pub balcony as he watched the roads flood over.

“They were actually quite scared at one point on the veranda because of the containers and the things that were coming their way like it was going to take the posts out,” Stojanov said.

“Then that was smashing into the posts on the side of the pub, and they were actually quite concerned that the pub was going to get taken out.

“It’s either going to make or break you, and unfortunately, I think it’s broken us.”

Over at Eugowra, families anxiously wait to hear news about their loved ones after a flash flood has left the entire town stranded and without reception since Monday night.

Kevin Beatty, the region’s mayor, has called the situation “devastating.”

“The entire town is flood-affected and now cut off. You can only get to it by helicopter or boat and the telecommunications are down,” he said.

According to The Guardian, over 200 people have already been airlifted from Eugowra’s evacuation centre and transferred to Orange after the showground was surrounded by water.

In 24 hours more than 140 flood rescues have been carried out, with about 100 people being recused from rooftops.

Unfortunately, the terror just doesn’t seem to end, as more NSW communities face a fresh flood crisis after Wyanagala Dam in South-East Cowra spills hundreds of thousands of litres of water across towns along the Lachlan River.

The severity of the NSW floods has now started to spread to other states, with the Bureau of Meteorology issuing minor and major flood alerts to those living near the Murray and Edward rivers in VIC.

Over in SA, thousands of students miss yet another day of school due to the storm damage and power outages from this weekend’s rain. reports that more than 20 public preschools, primary, and high schools in Adelaide have stayed closed. 160,000 properties and 34,000 homes are still without power as power lines across the state are still damaged.

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