The ‘fun’ savings challenge transforming finances

Feb 01, 2024
"Saving doesn't have to be boring and this was such a fun challenge for me to save for my dream vacation." Source: Getty Images.

Saving money can often feel like a dull and challenging task. The idea of pinching pennies and budgeting meticulously tends to dampen the spirits.

However, breaking away from the monotony, TikTok sensation Milly introduces a breath of fresh air with her lively and enjoyable 100 Envelope Challenge.

In a digital space inundated with financial advice, the 100 Envelope Challenge offers a delightful twist to an otherwise mundane activity. Milly’s video showcases how she saved £5,050 (AUD $9,747.03) for her dream vacation using this unique approach.

The essence of the challenge lies in transforming saving into a vibrant journey with the help of a personalised tracker. Whether you find one online or craft it yourself, the tracker features numbers from 1 to 100, each corresponding to a specific savings amount. Milly, hailing from the UK, kickstarted her adventure by setting aside £1 for the first pocket, £2 for the second, and so forth.

“Then once all the 100 pockets are filled you would have saved £5,050 at the end. Just think of all the things you can do with money,” she said.

“Saving doesn’t have to be boring and this was such a fun challenge for me to save for my dream vacation.”

@budgetwithmillyI don’t know how i can live without this 😍♬ original sound – Budget With Milly

For those looking to make their savings at the supermarket checkout, a savvy chef from New York recently shared a revolutionary trick that is sweeping through social media like wildfire.

Will Coleman, the mastermind behind the ingenious “6 to 1 grocery shopping method,” claims that this technique is a game-changer for families looking to save big on their supermarket bills.

Coleman, known for his culinary expertise and popular social media channels, @chefwillco on TikTok and Instagram, recently revealed the method in a viral video that has garnered nearly a million views.

The method has been dubbed a life saver for those looking to make grocery shopping more efficient and cost-effective.

“You grab six veggies, five fruits, four proteins, three starches, two sauces or spreads and one fun thing for yourself,” Coleman said.

“This makes grocery shopping way easier, way cheaper and you get in and out, so you’re not there all day long.”

Coleman, in an interview with People, explained the rationale behind the method.

“It’s designed in a way to cut costs because when you’re shopping in the store, some of the higher ticket items are prepackaged or processed items,” Coleman explained.

“Fruits and vegetables are usually on the lower end of things and they can stretch beyond one meal. You can be way more creative about what you’re putting out in the kitchen, and of course, it’s healthier as well.

“I love it so much because it’s so flexible. You can do this for a household of two or four or six or eight. It doesn’t matter. You can make it work for yourself and the way to go about that is to just grab a few more of the single items you choose in each category for your family.”

@chefwillco My 6 to 1 grocery method makes shopping cheaper and easier! Let me know how you like this grocery shopping method. #6to1method ♬ original sound – Chef Will Coleman

Social media was left buzzing with enthusiastic responses from those who have wholeheartedly embraced the “6 to 1” grocery shopping method.

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