Starts at 60 readers reflect on the life lessons they would share with their younger selves

Feb 03, 2023
Given the chance, many would no doubt relish the opportunity to take their life lessons and impart their knowledge to their younger selves Source: Getty Images.

As we age, we accumulate a wealth of life experience and gain a deeper understanding of the world.

We tend to look back at our lives and reflect on the decisions we’ve made and the experiences we’ve had. For many of us, looking back on our lives prompts reflections on the decisions we’ve made and the lessons we’ve learned.

From the importance of living a positive life to the value of forming meaningful relationships, these reflections offer a glimpse into the life lessons learned over a lifetime and provide valuable insight for anyone looking to live their best life no matter their age.

Many would no doubt relish the opportunity to take such life lessons and impart their knowledge to their younger selves. Unfortunately, given time travel continues to be a mere fantasy, this is a prospect that will sadly remain unfulfilled.

Still curious as to what the most popular responses would be to such a proposition, Starts at 60 reached out to our valued readers to ask ‘What’s one piece of advice you’d give your younger self?’.

The responses came in thick and fast, with answers ranging from cutting negative people from your life, travelling more to prioritising one’s health.

Choosing not to settle in life was something Beverley* would impart to her younger self if given the opportunity.

“Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve,” she shared.

After years of living in a state of worry about what others thought of her, Johanna* would tell her younger self to not “listen to the rubbish that some people might spread about you”.

“I did for years and it made my life so miserable for a long time, until I learned that a lot of it was jealousy. Now, I love doing my own thing at home and don’t worry about this at all now,” she said.

Taking a lighter approach to life was something Patricia* came to realise later in life.

“Don’t take things so seriously, they will work out one way or another, whether you lie awake worrying or not,” she advised.

over 60s looking back on life.
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Chloe* would suggest paying no mind “to people who keep putting you down”.

“Because they’re taking out their anger on you, and it has nothing to do with you,” Chloe wrote.

“Also, put yourself first, not everyone else! Because when you need them, they aren’t there for you!”

Julie* would advise ditching the cigarettes as well as encouraging more personal belief in one’s self.

“Don’t smoke, be with people who are your cheer leaders and not negative. You are enough and believe it,” Julie said.

A life of adventure was something Jennifer* would encourage without letting fear get in the way.

“Keep life an adventure. Don’t let fear overtake you. It is okay to be different from the ‘expectation’ others have of you,” she said.

Whereas Cheryl* reflected on how quickly life passes us by and the important of making the most of it.

“Think before you leap enjoy life while ur still young time flys so fast one minute your young next minute you’re a senior,” she said.

By taking a step back and examining our lives from a broader perspective, we can gain a deeper appreciation for the journey we’ve taken and the lessons we’ve learned along the way.

As these individuals have shown, it’s never too late to start considering the advice we would give to our younger selves, and to use that insight to live a more fulfilling life in the present.

Whether it’s embracing failure, pursuing our passions, or investing in meaningful relationships, the insightful advice serves as a roadmap for living a rich and rewarding life at any age.

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