‘Snowgran’ Christmas ad tugs on heartstrings as clip tells the tale of a Grandma reconnecting with family

Dec 25, 2022
Source: Instagram @chapterspeople

‘Tis the season of festive cheer and emotion-stirring Christmas campaigns.

While there are numerous Christmas ads circulating, the UK’s mobile network the O2 and their Snowgran campaign reign supreme. With its unique blend of Yuletide flavour and creative flare, this Christmas advert is truly one for the books.

This 60-second commercial tells the story of a disconnected elderly “snowgran” who is walking home when she is spotted by the O2’s robot mascot, Bubl, and a young girl named Billie.

Bulb and Billie realise the elderly snowwoman’s isolation and they give her the gift of an 02 Christmas SIM card to help her reconnect with her loved ones. The snowgran then melts and becomes a human grandma, full of life once again.

Since launching the clip, many viewers have left comments of praise for the O2 and their 2022 campaign on their YouTube channel.

“My 8-year-old daughter really loved this advert, when I showered her it. Got her really sitting up, and her eyes went really big!”

“My Fave this Christmas x.”

“One of the best of the year!”

“I think O2 win it this year as the best ad..”

Not only does the heartwarming clip leave a warm fuzzy feeling for its viewers, but the mixed media video is also shedding light on a very important message, data poverty and the cost of living crisis in the UK.

“With the cost-of-living crisis deepening, we’re helping even more people stay connected,” Virgin Media O2 director of brand and marcomms, Simon Groves, said.

“Our Christmas campaign combines festive spirit with action by raising awareness of the National Databank and the free O2 data that’s available to help those most in need stay connected over the festive period.”

This year the O2 worked alongside creative agency VCCP  London and production studio Girl&Bear to tell the story of The Snowgran. 

VCCP London executive creative directors, Jonny Parker and Chris Birch said:” We’re very proud to be launching a campaign that goes well beyond talking about an issue but actually does something to help those who need it.”

Adding that “the snowgran is a beautiful, icy yet warm, story of connection when people most need it – at Christmas. If you know someone, like Snowgran, who’s struggling, point them in the direction of the National Databank or give them an O2 Christmas Sim card.”

This year the 02 is aiming to tackle data poverty by gifting over one million GB of data to those who need it the most during the festive season.

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