Seniors Month to boost social connections and challenge ageing stereotypes

Oct 18, 2023
Queensland Seniors Month is set to make the month of October a vibrant and enriching experience for older adults. Source: Getty Images.

Older Queenslanders have every reason to be excited this October. It’s that time of the year when age is celebrated, stereotypes are shattered, and connections are strengthened.

Queensland Seniors Month, hosted by the Council on the Ageing (COTA) Queensland and funded by the Palaszczuk Government, is set to make the month of October a vibrant and enriching experience for older adults.

Kicking off on the United Nations International Day of Older Persons on October 1 and culminating with Grandparents Day on October 29, this month-long celebration will see the state come alive with events and activities aimed at promoting unity among generations and debunking ageing myths.

A whopping 81 community organisations have been granted up to $2,000 each to organise a variety of events and activities throughout the month, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Whether it’s a friendly game of croquet, barefoot bowling, or capturing precious moments with selfies, Queensland’s seniors are in for an eventful month.

The 2021 Census revealed that almost 20 per cent of Queensland’s population is aged over 65, making Seniors Month an invaluable opportunity for people of all generations to appreciate the challenges and opportunities that older Queenslanders bring to the table.

Last year’s Seniors Month set records with a staggering 1581 events and activities registered on the online calendar, engaging an estimated 146,171 participants. This year’s celebration aims to build on that success, fostering social connections and inclusivity.

Minister for Child Safety and Minister for Seniors and Disability Services Craig Crawford expressed his excitement about Seniors Month, stating, “Seniors Month is one of my favourite times of the year. It’s a chance to celebrate and connect with our older Queenslanders, who have made, and continue to make, huge contributions to our communities.”

“In 2023, we will continue to celebrate the theme of social connections and we hope to build on the success of last year’s record-breaking Seniors Month,” he said.

COTA Queensland CEO Darren Young emphasised the importance of social connections as we age.

“Humans have a fundamental need to connect with each other. As we age, our social connections become increasingly important, and the research is clear on the positive impacts social connections have on our health and wellbeing,” Young said.

“We need caring and supportive communities that foster and support social connections through space, places, and activities, so that people can participate no matter where they live.

“COTA Queensland and the Queensland Government value the contribution older people make – whether as volunteers or in the workforce, community leaders or carers, grandparents, or advocates and we take this opportunity to invite you to join in the celebrations.”

With a month filled with events designed to foster connections and challenge ageist attitudes, Queensland Seniors Month promises to be a vibrant and uplifting celebration of the older generation’s contributions to society. It’s a reminder that age is just a number, and the connections we make can transcend generational boundaries, bringing joy, knowledge, and vitality to all involved.

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