Public left outraged as Australian supermarkets stock shelves with hot cross buns

Jan 07, 2023
Hot cross buns are now being sold in Woolies and Coles. Source: Twitter @danbrewerradio

It may only be a week into the new year, but supermarkets across Australia already have their eyes set on the next big holiday, with shelves already stocked up with packs of hot cross buns a mere three months before Easter.

Coles was the first to make the move, shelving out the traditional Easter snack as early as Boxing Day. Competitors Woolworths quickly followed suit and are now selling their hit Cadbury hot cross buns for $5 alongside the traditional fruit variety.

Both supermarket giants justified their decision to sell the treats early, as hot cross buns have proven time and time again to be an extremely popular snack.

“We sold more than 1.8 million individual hot cross buns the first week they were on sale last year,” Woolworths merchandise manager Donald Keith said.

“We anticipate the same as customers look to close off 2022 with a delicious and favourite treat.”

Coles has announced they expect 2.5 million hot cross buns to fly out the doors in the first week of the new year, adding they also plan on selling large batches of their Vegemite variety.

“Customers love our delicious hot cross buns and the early sales in December tell us that there is a strong demand to try the limited-edition flavours before the traditional Easter period,” Coles spokesperson Andy Mossop said.

Despite being a popular Easter treat, many people are unimpressed with the supermarket’s decision to sell the buns months ahead of their allocated holiday.

However, other people have come out saying they’re thrilled to see the snacks on shelves, with some arguing that hot cross buns should be sold all year round.

Hot cross buns aren’t the only Easter themed product now on display, it is understood that even department store Big W has joined in on the early celebrations and is already selling Easter eggs.

But just like Coles and Woolies, a Big W spokesperson has told Yahoo Lifestyle that their early release of Easter products was to appease their customers.

“At Big W we know our customers like to plan their shops ahead. Providing customers with a selection of Easter products early allows them time to spread out their spending over a few months or the opportunity to enjoy a few favourites in the lead-up,” they explained.

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