March horoscope: Time to get life’s ‘chaos’ under control

Mar 07, 2023

The full Worm Moon in Virgo highlights the need for organisation and systematisation of different areas of your life. Virgos love to be systematic and detailed in their thinking, they are perfectionistic and quite compulsive!

But while they are earthed in reality, Virgos are still flexible – so it’s a good time to pivot on things that are making you feel stuck.

This month’s full moon is known as the Worm Moon because it’s a time when earthworm casts appear in the northern hemisphere as the earth begins to thaw after winter, meaning it’s time to get “wriggly” situations sorted!

People need to let go of stubbornness and move forward with personal, home and business plans.  Virgo is also all about details, the environment and cleanliness – but be careful, as cleaning obsessions might take over!

It’s also time to be more meditative and with Autumn Equinox also approaching on March 21. It’s a good reminder to live your life with the seasons, it’s a guide for what we should be doing.

The Autumn equinox signifies the end of summer and preparation for winter, it is a time when night and day will be in perfect balance with the same duration for both.

The Aries New Moon also falls on the same date as Autumn Equinox, which brings with it fiery and spontaneous new beginnings and more activity. Try to bring about change in a considered way – the new moon is typically more focused on the external world and has more physical effects normally than a full moon.

Seven planets are actually changing signs in March, so it’s going to be a big month with people having a lot to deal with.

Rose Smith’s March 2023 horoscope readings


Regarding work, you could be feeling a bit sensitive or shy about showing your feelings. You might clam up even if you think you should speak out about something. Perhaps, you’re concerned about receiving criticism. The shoe could also be on the other foot, however, where you’re being a tad perfectionist!

Be your normal considerate self and all will be fine. People will likely reach out to you for support, even if you’re not overly vocal publicly. You could want to fix a situation at work or perhaps with your health and well-being this month. Take your time and consider all situations before speaking or acting and you’ll stand in good stead.


It’s time to have some fun even if it’s not over the top. You might find your creative abilities really increase and you’re living closer to the world of the child. You may have more to do with actual children or you feel more childlike yourself! The full moon brings sensitivity, and you may have “flashes” about your own childhood.

Respect your feelings, no matter what comes up. However, there are a lot of social opportunities to go cavorting with friends, so focus on having a good time. The topic of romance could come up and perhaps you’ll meet some new people in the bargain. Something unexpected like a bolt out of the blue might happen and it could be quite exciting!


This month there’s a major focus on your home and family. There could be more family get-togethers or communications generally. You may also be thinking about organising and tidying up your home or garden. You’re probably a bit of a Master of Tidying in fact! Efficiency and cleanliness may become more important to you.

Perhaps your family aren’t as interested in organisation as you are. So do watch for little ‘debates’ or disagreements on this point. You will feel better when you get these jobs done even if others don’t always like the idea. Get out into nature soon if you can, this will improve your health and well-being.


You are ruled by the moon and your intuition could be on fire this month, especially regarding your communications. You can sensitively and accurately pick up the feelings of others so this could be wonderful for you in many areas of your life. Especially, anything to do with promotion and marketing will benefit, if you have a business or work with promotions.

It’s okay in many areas of life to make decisions based on your feelings and intuitions. Some areas however need logic so if you feel a tad illogical, it’s a good time to talk to professionals about finances, law or real estate now. It’s also a great time to get out and about in your local area to do odd jobs such as paying bills or shopping.


It’s money time for you this month. You best get organised as you may find your financials changing in some way. This could work out better for you in fact because maybe you need more time to yourself and choose to work less. There’s always the chance the decision could be made for you, so do watch your finances.

Something unpredictable could happen and it could go either way – being really positive or not so positive. So, make yourself as secure as possible. Your ideas about your values could also change too, so things you thought previously were important are now less so. Women could be involved somehow in changing your core beliefs. Watch for impulsivity!


The full moon is in your sign shining a light on you and how you appear in the world. You are ruled by Mercury so your communications and ideas will be absolutely stellar and out there this month. You may update your identity and/or appearance to better reflect who you are. More than ever, you wish to show the world who you truly are.

So you could dispense with some unnecessary roles or appearances that didn’t suit you previously. There is a hard aspect to Mercury meaning your communications could be somewhat more sensitive. You might be a little more subdued than usual which makes you an excellent listener, so there’s a definite upside here.


This month you likely heed your own counsel. Perhaps, you retire from the world a little to have some time for self-reflection. It’s a good thing! You are more inclined to spend time meditating and looking at your dreams and this is important. You could pick up something interesting or important messages from your subconscious ruminations.

You’re probably pretty much in touch with your intuition now which can help you in all areas of your life. Try to get out into nature more without your devices which would distract you from the important business of going within. Quiet time is definitely needed now. Avoid frustration, irritability and any people who agitate.


Your friends could become closer and some maybe even closer to you than family! It’s also a wonderful time for getting out and about to meet new people, some of whom can become new friends. You’re quite the social butterfly this month sensational Scorpio! You might even join some new groups of like-minded people.

You could be asked to organise social get-togethers to take up a new role in a club or group. People will probably appreciate you for taking on this role.  It’s unlikely that you’ll be ignored so don’t concern yourself about feeling sensitive. You could also meet new people in a natural environment or somewhere connected to health or well-being.


Wow, you’re probably a hit with the public this month! Large groups of people seem to respond well to you, more so than usual. Is your work connected to the “public” in some way? You could go ahead in leaps and bounds and it’s almost like your reputation precedes you in a good way! Be cautious on social media, however, as you could have a tendency to overshare.

There’s a lot of positive and lucky energy around your career generally where you could shine quite brightly! Some positive interactions with an authority figure could also take place. The boss might be inclined to like you more than usual! A parental figure could be helpful to you in some way.


Time for your courageous and adventurous energy to come out now! Have you thought about getting away to somewhere a bit unusual or off the beaten track? These thoughts could come up this month so do try to organise it as soon as possible. There is the possibility if you don’t go soon, then later will be more difficult for various reasons.

Bring some excitement into your life by going to different places – restaurants, theme parks and places of interest. Anything exotic or involving people with foreign connections could be on your agenda. Study, spirituality and philosophy might also appeal to you. You’re being influenced by the energies of the Higher Mind.


You’re probably feeling a bit more intense especially as you think about things like intimacy and being close to another person. It’s possible you close yourself off in some way. It’s because you’ve been hurt in the past and don’t want a repeat performance. Completely understandable though this is, it can stop you from truly living in the moment.

Kind of takes the enjoyment out of life a little. Try to open yourself up more to others, especially those who truly care about you. It’s ok, so do allow more closeness into your life. Investments could also be on your mind, especially real estate, superannuation, inheritances or any joint resources that are shared.


Significant partnerships are high on the to-do list this month. A possibility of turbulence exists as changes come about. Perhaps it’s time to “fix” something in your partnerships. You’re probably living pretty close to your subconscious, so all manner of intuitive insights could flash up. Pay attention, Spirit is trying to tell you something.

Perhaps, more organisation is required in relationships, legalities or even with those you don’t normally see eye to eye with. Some negotiations might be possible. You may be feeling more sensitive than usual and that’s ok, just don’t take everything as a criticism. Others might just be trying to help with their clumsy words.

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