‘I think there has been a mistake’: Sam Neill ‘completely stunned’ by Logies win

Jul 31, 2023
Neill's Logie win comes as some good news for the Jurassic Park star who recently revealed that he had recently battled stage 3 blood cancer. Source: Getty Images.

During an incredible night of glitz and glamour at the 2023 Logie Awards, celebrated actor Sam Neill took home the highly coveted Silver Logie for Most Popular Actor, much to his surprise.

Neill received the accolade for his role in legal drama The Twelve but joked that he believed “there has been a mistake” as he accepted the coveted award.

“I haven’t actually thought of anything to say, but I thought my name was just there to make up the numbers. And, really, I wasn’t… Look, there is so many actors in this show that I am not even sure that I was the main actor or anything like that. It was just… Look, some of them are here and actually quite a lot of them are here … most of us were in the show and I just happened to be there,” he told those in attendance.

“Look, I don’t know why they have given this to me. Maybe it was the wig? Yeah, it was the wig.

“Thank you so much. It is lovely to get another Logie and to be with all of you.”

While Neill was pleasantly surprised by the win, his fans were quick to congratulate him on the much-deserved victory, celebrating his remarkable talent and contributions to the entertainment industry.

“Very very very much deserved Sam! Can’t wait to see you in Season 2 of The Twelve!” one fan wrote.

“Oh Sam… congratulations so happy for you and absolutely well deserved.”

“The greatest actor in the WORLD FOR REALLLLL,” another fan commented.

“Dear god, you are most popular and most handsome!”

Neill’s Logie win comes as some good news for the Jurassic Park star who recently revealed that he had recently battled stage 3 blood cancer.

As concerns grew for the star, Neill was forced to take to social media to alleviate any concerns and let fans know he was doing fine.

Neill posted a video to Instagram in which he shared further details regarding the condition of his health and that he is currently in remission.

“Hi I’m Sam Neill, actor of sorts, vintner, and an author as it happens. And my news seems to be all over the news at the moment, and it’s sort of ‘Cancer ! Cancer! Cancer !’ Which is slightly tiresome because as you see, I am alive and well and I have been in remission for eight months, which feels really good,” he said at the time.

“And I’m alive and kicking and I’m going to work.”


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Neill then encouraged fans to focus less on his latest health news and instead get excited about his new book.

“So here I am, and I just wish the headline wasn’t ‘that thing’ so much, because the main thing is that I have written this book, it’s called ‘Did I Ever Tell You This?’. And it does mention cancer because that’s the sort of context in which I wrote it,” he said.

“So I hope you enjoy it, and let’s not worry too much about ‘all that’ because I’m fine. Okay!”

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