Grant Denyer spills the beans on his return to television with the all-new Deal or No Deal

Feb 06, 2024
With an impressive 80 productions worldwide, Denyer acknowledged the undeniable "powerhouse" quality of the show, making it an offer "too good to refuse". Source: Getty Images.

Beloved Australian TV personality Grant Denyer has made a welcomed return to the small screen, much to the delight of fans across the nation.

The suspense surrounding Denyer’s mysterious project was lifted recently when it was revealed that he will be at the helm of the revamped and exhilarating version of the iconic game show, Deal or No Deal.

Denyer, renowned for previously hosting Family Feud shares with Starts at 60 that undertaking hosting duties for the beloved game show exceeded his expectations, admitting, “I didn’t think it would be THIS good”.

“I’ve bitten all the nails off my fingers, I’ve ugly cried, I’ve laughed until I almost puked and more importantly I’ve helped people achieve their dreams,” he reveals.

“Whether it’s to buy the car of their dreams, pay for an important medical procedure, rebuild their home or even afford a baby…. it’s so good being a game show Santa Clause. That makes me so happy.”

Denyer recognised the irresistible allure of Deal or No Deal, describing it as “one of the world’s biggest and most successful formats of all time”.

With an impressive 80 productions worldwide, Denyer acknowledged the undeniable “powerhouse” quality of the show, making it an offer “too good to refuse”.

Emphasising the show’s role as a light-hearted escape from the daily news cycle, Denyer states, “I also think that we all need something else other than news at 6 o’clock each night.”

“Not everyone wants the death and destruction of wall-to-wall news and I’m proud that we’ll be that safe place you can go to with your family to have a laugh, be absolutely entertained to the eyeballs, and watch lovely Aussies win big money at a time of high cost of living,” he says.

Die-hard fans of the beloved game show are certainly in for a treat with the forthcoming revamped edition of Deal or No Deal, with Denyer playfully hinting at thrilling changes that will elevate the show to new heights.

“It’s larger, more fun, cheekier and with more heart than ever before,” he reveals.

“Giving out big money is obviously a given but this is a high-end level-up of the franchise. It’s evolved significantly with the entertainment dialled up to 11.

“Game shows can be dry and slow… this gets you in the feels and the funnies.”

As for insider tips on scoring the big money, Denyer shared, “You just have to make a couple of good decisions, hold your nerve and you can be walking out rich.”

In a candid and heartfelt moment, Denyer reflected on his daughter’s extraordinary triumph over hip dysplasia, providing an inspiring update on her ongoing journey to recovery.

“She is doing great!” he reveals.

“She is certainly making up for lost time, tearing around, full of energy and keeping us on our toes.”

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