Grandad overwhelmed with kindness following disappointing first date in decades

Mar 18, 2023
Senior stood up at first date in 30 years. Source: Getty

One grandpa has found himself receiving an outpouring of kindness when his attempt at jumping back into the dating game after 30 years of being single, ended up with him being stood up.

Opening yourself up to the possibility of finding love is never easy, requiring a degree of vulnerability and courage to put yourself out there again, and this can be especially challenging in your senior years.

Grandad Joe shared his senior dating experience to TikTok, leaving viewers heartbroken for him as they witnessed the excitement he had while getting ready dissipate to disappointment when he realised his date wasn’t coming.

@grandadjoe1933Well that was fun ????‍♂️♬ kill bill sped up – SZA

Captioned “come with me on my first dinner date in 30 years!”, the video shows Grandad Joe anxiously sitting at his table, checking to see if he’d received a text from his date as the time goes by, before giving up at the one-hour mark and eating alone.

Viewed over one million times, people flocked to show their support to Grandad Joe, offering him messages of hope and kindness.

“Awww I am so so sorry, but you look dashing as always,” one user commented.

“You look AMAZING and if she didn’t see how amazing you are that is her loss I love you granddad joe.”

“You my friend are one of the most respectable people I will see on my fyp (for you page). Waiting an hour and not badmouthing someone. You are an inspiration,” said another.

“Awe! I’m so sorry this happened to you. You looked very handsome on your date. It’s her loss not yours. Hugs and Love.”

Previous videos on Grandad Joe’s TikTok show that he’s a widower, who married a childhood friend.

In another video shared to his profile, the grandpa said he’d “give anything to have one more dance with my beautiful wife”, as he sways by himself to an emotional song, besides pictures of her.

@grandadjoe1933 I don’t suppose it’ll be too long before we are together again ❤️ #memories #mylove #wholesome ♬ Eyes Closed – Ed Sheeran

“Or to be on our holidays, out for dinner or just to look across the room and see her there,” the video continued.

“Now she lives on in my heart and I live for the day we’ll reunite.”

Previous videos on Grandad Joe’s account show he keeps his wife’s ashes with him, taking her everywhere he goes in memory of the fact that would do everything together when she was alive.


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