‘Small gains’: Jimmy Barnes’ inspirational road to recovery following major surgery

Jan 05, 2023
Jimmy Barnes reaches another health milestone following major hip surgery. Source: Facebook Jimmy Barnes

Working class man Jimmy Barnes has reached yet another milestone in his road to recovery following his major hip surgery last month.

Taking to social media, the 66-year-old rock icon shared a snap of himself smiling broadly while riding his indoor cycling bike.

“Can cycle for 10 minutes from today. Small gains. Have to be patient, that’s a tough one for me,” the Scottish-born singer captioned the snap.


Barnes also shared another photo of himself enjoying a beautiful sunny day out, walking down a nature trail with the aid of a walking stick.

“Thanks for cheering me on everyone. Sticking to the recovery program to the letter. It’s been 3 weeks and Jane my strict Physio has got me out walking up the road. Off heavy pain meds. I’ve turned a big corner,” he wrote.


Fans of the rockstar were equally pleased with their favourite singer’s progress and took to the comment section of his post to leave messages of praise and encouragement.

“That is fantastic news. So very happy for you and your family. Keep staying focused and you will get through anything. You have a beautiful family, right by your side”

“Awesome work team. Healing food and great care by Jane plus you doing it right is showing great results on your recovery. Lots of love and hugs to you all moving forward.”

“Keep going – every step is one on the road to recovery and every day brings you close to being healthy and fit again. Best wishes.”

Following his surgery, Barnes has been actively sharing updates on his health with his fans. Earlier this week, the singer was thrilled to share that he was now strong enough to walk up and down a flight of stairs, saying it was “a great start to the new year.”

Barnes’ recent health woes forced him to cancel his upcoming Australian tour after doctors informed the singer that he was in urgent need of surgery.

The singer attributed his health woes to 50 years of  “jumping off PA’s and stomping around stages,” explaining that while cancelling a show was against his religion, his hip and back pain had left him in “constant and severe pain”.

“The Doctors tell me I need an operation as soon as possible and it will really limit my movement for a few months,” he said.

“As much as it kills me to inconvenience everyone, I have to get this fixed so I can jump around onstage for another 50 years.”

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