John Cleese shares his hilarious take on King Charles III’s coronation

May 16, 2023
Cleese confessed to bursting into uncontrollable fits of laughter upon seeing King Charles on television. Source: Getty Images.

Monty Python star John Cleese has offered up his take on the recent coronation of King Charles III, admitting that he found the whole affair comical.

Cleese made the comments during a recent appearance on The Project in which he admitted that he began laughing “uncontrollably” when King Charles appeared on the television.

“In solemn occasions, I don’t know what it is, I can’t breathe properly,” he said.

“All spontaneity is carefully put aside so that there aren’t any mistakes. Solemnity is a mild form of hierarchy.

“If you have a lovely, humorous, good-natured atmosphere, it’s very hard for people to pretend they’re more important than each other.

“Do you see what I mean? The moment you allow any humour in that kind of hierarchy, it disappears, it dissolves.

“So they have to make these occasions very solemn. So my wife, who was watching television in bed with the cats around her, said, ‘Come and watch a bit of it.’ I came as Charles was coming in, and I leaned on the bed, (eyes) fixed on the screen, and started to laugh uncontrollably.

“Because it was people in silly costumes pretending it was all very serious.”

It would seem Cleese wasn’t alone in his hilarious take on the coronation with many taking to social media to agree with the 83-year-old.

In addition to sharing his thoughts on the coronation, Cleese surprised fans with an unexpected admission about his upcoming Fawlty Towers reboot. 

“I resisted (making a new Fawlty Towers) for 40 years and suddenly I saw how you could do it, which is to get away completely from the old series,” he began.

“I was setting it perhaps the Caribbean, a sort of holiday hotel, a rather exclusive one.”

Cleese then revealed that ” it won’t be as funny as the original because that’s the best I could do.”

“But (it will) still be funnier than a lot of stuff out there,” he added.

Cleese announced that he would be reviving the comedy masterpiece for a third season in which he will also reprise his role as Basil Fawlty.

While major plot points have not been announced, the show’s revival will be about Cleese’s character discovering he has a daughter, leading to the two of them opening a hotel together.

As reported by the BBC, the Fawlty Towers reboot came to life over dinner with American director Rob Reiner and producer Matthew George.

“By dessert, we had an overall concept so good that, a few days later, it won the approval of Rob and Michele Reiner,” Cleese said.

“Camilla and I look forward enormously to expanding it into a series.”



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