‘Haters are gonna hate’: Cher refuses to defend relationship with new beau 40 years her junior

Nov 12, 2022
Cher announces she's dating man 40 years her junior. Source: Getty

Iconic singer and actress Cher has refused to defend her new relationship with a man 40 years her junior, after facing strong reactions to the considerable age gap between the pair.

The 76-year-old confirmed her relationship with producer Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards, 36, on social media, sharing a photo of Edwards with a love heart on Twitter. 

The If I Could Turn Back Time singer said she wasn’t going to bother addressing the “haters” who struggled to accept the age gap.

However, supportive fans flocked to Cher’s announcement to share their excitement and block out the negative comments.

The entertainer’s fresh relationship sparked a debate in the online forum Ask Old People on Reddit, with one curious user asking over 60s if they could see themselves dating someone with a large age gap.

“No. I’d struggle with even ten years younger. I’d want someone who could relate to my youth without it seeming like history to them,” one person said.

“I tried to date a 20 something back when I was in my early40’s. It became quite obvious very early on that it wasn’t going to work. Went back to my age group after and never looked back.”

“Yes, my partner is closer in age (only a few years) to my oldest than he is to me. Age isn’t an issue,” another person commented.

“Love Doesn’t Know Math! I have dated older and younger by 20 years. I found that it totally depends on the individual. However, 40 years is a lot of years!! In Cher’s case, she’s mostly always dated younger. Her new BF is in the industry so I imagine they have a lot in common. I’m happy for her, and anyone who takes a chance on someone, regardless of age.”

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