Acclaimed rockstar Jeff Beck dies, age 78

Jan 12, 2023
Legendary guitarist Jeff Beck has died. Source: Getty

The world has lost “one of the greatest guitar players” following the death of rock ‘n’ roll legend Jeff Beck  at the age of 78.

Announced by his representatives, Beck died on Tuesday, January 11, following a sudden case of “bacterial meningitis”.


Born June 24, 1944, Beck first took an interest in music at the age of 6 after hearing Les Paul play the electric guitar.

As he entered adolescence, Beck began learning to play with a borrowed guitar and even made several attempts to build his own guitar.

His dedication to his craft clearly paid off as he rose to prominence as one of the leading guitarists across the globe in the 1960s, playing with The Yardbirds before taking off on his own solo career.

Beck’s incredible skill on the guitar and venture into distortion and use of the whammy bar made him an influential player in the jazz-rock genre, leading to recognition through eight grammy awards and a double induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Beck’s death has left a hole in the music industry with fellow rock legends now in mourning over the devastating loss.

Beck is survived by his wife, Sandra Cash.

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