Your guide to layering colours for spring

Sep 11, 2023
Whether it's pink, blush, or any colour in feminine shades, learn how to layer your spring-infused hues to brighten any day. Image source: Supplied

Well, word is out we’re not having official spring yet, especially here in Melbourne, but we will not lose our joie de vivre over a little detail like that, right, divas?

We now have some bright, joyful, pretty colours to play with, expressing our femininity whenever we fancy! So pleased I kept mine from some years ago as they are enjoying their revival, on repeat, and adding a few new accessories to enhance these old faithfuls should be fun.

Well, move over Barbie (who’s seen the movie? I’m still lagging behind, although I’ve had a soft spot for Ryan Gosling ever since seeing him in The Notebook about three times), as this grannie has not yet left the building. So pink, blush, or any colour in feminine, spring-infused hues will do to brighten any grey, rainy day.

How to layer vibrant, spring colours?

Start with a basic colour palette you adore, perhaps white, blush, powder blue, stone, or even a deeper tone, like plum. Last spring, I invested in some zesty shades of lime, and I cannot wait to haul those out the minute the swallows return!

Now add the shoes and belt to complement your starter colour. It does not have to be the same shade but should at least blend well.

Next, pick a wrap scarf, or a light poncho, cardigan, or coat, depending on the weather. Still nippy? Add a scarf to either coordinate the look or to create a pop of colour.

Initially, it might take time to play around with what we already have in our closet, and perhaps looking at the fabulous items currently on sale, the process could result in an investment for next year too. Pick anything new with care and mindful of what it would complement in your existing wardrobe. Remorse purchases are taboo, I say.

In the above images, I have demonstrated how to layer colours, such as: white and ivory with mauve for a chilly day; cerise pink with blush for a warmer day; grey with stone for those in-between days; blue on blue for warmer days; winter white with camel; and warm plum and burgundy blends. The latter is my current new black, an alluring change.

Tips when adding a warmer layer on those cooler days

If you are wearing a thicker top in your basic outfit, or a blouse with wide sleeves, pick a coat or cardigan with wide sleeves too, otherwise a tight sleeved second layer will make your arms look out of proportion. This is where ponchos and wraps do the trick splendidly. If you’re opting for a blazer or coat, wear a fitted top or blouse.

I have a camel-coloured wool-blend gilet, which I’ve worn for almost nine years. The body warmer teams well with any blouse or soft knit. I regret not purchasing it in black and winter white as well at the time as it has certainly proven a chic and versatile staple for seasonal changes, be it from summer to autumn, or winter to spring.

If we settle on one colour, it is always an option to elevate that colour, like powder blue, by adding a scarf in a different shade of blue to really make an outfit pop.

So, let’s have fun, put a spring in your step, and let’s celebrate being a woman for all seasons. We’ve got this, goddesses!

Repeat after me, “I am woman, I feel fabulous, I know stuff!

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