Easy 5-ingredient honey cheesecakes

These delicious dessert treats are perfect for the whole family! Source: Getty.

If you’re looking for something super simple that won’t cause any hassle in the kitchen, give these mouthwateringly tasty honey tartlets a go! Not only do they taste delicious with the mix of creamy honey-flavoured filling packed into the crumbly pastry tartlet case, but they’re also incredibly simple to make.

They take just 10 minutes to whip up, which means no need to wait around while they chill in the fridge or bake in the oven. This super easy dish is great for entertaining guests as you can make it fresh without being stuck in the kitchen for too long!


  • 250g block cream cheese, softened
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 12 shortcrust pastry tartlets
  • 300ml tub thickened cream, whipped
  • Mixed berries, to serve


  1. Beat cream cheese and honey together with electric mixer until smooth.
  2. Spoon cheese mixture evenly between pastry cases. Place cream into piping bag or sandwich bag with one corner chopped off. Pipe cream over cream cheese mixture.
  3. Top with mixed berries. Serve immediately.
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