Over 60s share the best things about getting older

Mar 06, 2023
Over 60s share the most treasured aspects of getting older. Source: Getty Images.

As we age, it’s easy to focus on the challenges and limitations that come with getting older. However, the reality is that ageing also brings unique opportunities for growth, learning, and enjoyment that we may not have experienced in our younger years.

With age comes a deeper appreciation for life and the experiences that come with it. We become more comfortable in our own skin, and we are better able to navigate life’s challenges. Our relationships with others become richer and more meaningful, and we have a greater sense of perspective on what really matters in life.

As we get older, we also have the opportunity to share our wisdom and knowledge with those who are younger, and to leave a lasting legacy for future generations. Ultimately, the joys of getting older are many, and they are a reminder that life is a journey worth savouring at every stage.

Curious as to what the joys of getting older are, one Reddit user took to the online forum to ask “what are some good aspects to getting older?”

Based on the substantial feedback received, it seems clear that there are several advantages to ageing.

One over 60 shared that they “love the experience and knowledge” they’ve built up over time.

“I am way past my party years, having given up all vices decades ago. Clarity of mind is great. I’m not in debt. I appreciate my good health. I enjoy simple pleasures that cost nothing. I love listening to old favorite music. Each song reminds me of a time or a person in my past. It’s like visiting them all over again,” they shared.

“I appreciate reading about all the struggles young people have in relationships and KNOW that I’m past all of that.

“Many of those problems were impossible to have ever been a problem in my life. Whew, so glad I’m not a young person today.”

Another user explained that when they were able to finally retire a lot of life’s daily stress simply drifted away.

“My house and car are clean. I don’t get behind on lawn or home maintenance. All the glasses in my cupboard are glass, not plastic. I screw up less often. I have time to take better care of myself,” they shared.

“I exercise more often. I stress about things like ‘I think this milk is turning’ & ‘where I’m going on my next vacation’ instead of what’s going on at my shitty job. I only have to shave twice a week.

“I live in sleeveless T-shirts, gym shorts and flip-flops. I’m kinder, more generous, and patient than ever before. My frown lines are healing, and my smile lines are deepening.”

Source: Getty Images.

One person claimed that getting older made them “kinder” and that they “laugh more” compared to their younger years.

“I don’t feel the same kind of pettiness or urge for payback that I did when I was young. There is more peace in my heart,” they explained.

“I’m done doing and going when I don’t want to. I’ll pass that torch to someone younger than me. I earned the divot in the seat of my Lazy-Boy shaped like my ass.”

Another user realised “that things you thought important when young, no longer matter or matter less” as you get older.

“Money for many is no longer a worry, as they have sufficient income, lower mortgage or none at all, kids have flown the nest so you have more time to do what you want or never had time to do previously,” they said.

“If retired, you don’t have to structure your time & life around set hours, you don’t have to grab a coffee to go, but can sit and take your time to drink in a porcelain cup, have something to eat with it, read the paper or a book while you relax and enjoy it.

“You can also take your dog for a stroll & not worry about how long you are gone, stop and talk to other people & just slow life down to your speed you feel at the time. If you want to spend an extra 15 minutes in bed or even a couple of hours, you can.”

Given the responses above it’s clear that getting older doesn’t have to be something to fear or dread.

The over 60s who shared some of the best parts of ageing made it abundantly clear that there are many joys to be found in this stage of life. From the wisdom and perspective gained over a lifetime to the deepening of relationships and the ability to appreciate life in new ways, there is much to be celebrated about growing older.

So if you’re approaching this stage of life, embrace it with open arms and know that there are many wonderful things to look forward to. And if you’re already there, take heart in the fact that you’re not alone, and that there’s a whole community of people out there who are experiencing the same joys and challenges that you are.

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