Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood is walking through the forest when she spots the Big Bad Wolf hiding behind a tree.

“Come out, come out! I can see you Mr Wolf,” she calls.

“How can you see me?” he asks.

“I saw your big bushy tail sticking out.”

Mr Wolf turns and disappears deeper into the forest, but a few minutes later Little Red Riding Hood shouts, “Come out, come out! I can see you behind the rocks Mr Wolf.”

Out comes the Big Bad Wolf and he asks, “How can you see me?”

“I saw your big ear sticking out,” she says.

The wolf turns and runs further into the forest, but again he hears Little Red Riding Hood shouting.

“Come out! Come out Mr Wolf! I can see you behind that bush.”

“How did you see me this time?”

“I saw your long nose sticking out.”

“Just who are you anyway,” asks Mr Wolf angrily.

“I’m Little Red Riding Hood.”

“What are you doing here in the woods?”

“I’m going to visit my grandma,” Little Red Riding Hood says.

“Well can you go and bloody visit her then?!” he yells. “I’d like to go to the toilet in peace!”

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