Daily Joke: I’d like a transfer please

"Look, I'm really not sure where I see myself fitting in anymore." Source: Getty Images

An employee asks his boss to be transferred to a new department.

“Why, what’s wrong with the fan department you’re in now?” says the boss.

“Are you kidding me? This department blows!”

The boss sighs, “Well, there is an opening in the vacuum cleaner department…”

“Hell no!” the employee screams. “That department sucks!”

The boss chastises the employee for his language. “Well, Janice in accounting says the paper shredder is broken. Until the new one comes in, you could rip the papers for them.”

“That sounds terrible!” the employee complains.

With a loud sigh, the boss is left speechless. He finally comes up with one last idea:

“Tell you what. Are you any good in the kitchen? I’m a big fan of German sausages. If you make me the best I’ve ever had, I’ll pay you double what you make now.

“That’s it, I’m done with you!” The employee gets up out of his chair, and makes his way towards the exit.

“But why? That’s the easiest job in this entire building!”

“Because,” the employee exclaims, “That job is the wurst of them all!”

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