Daily Joke: An old lady takes her dog to the vet

Those vet bills sure can get expensive. Source: Pexels

An old lady loved her dog so much that it followed her everywhere.

One morning she got out of bed, went to the bathroom and suddenly realised that her dog wasn’t by her feet. She found him in his bed “sleeping”. She called his name, but he didn’t get up.

She decided to take him to the vet to see if he could wake him up. The vet didn’t have good news.

“Your dog is dead,” the vet explained. The old lady requested further tests – just to be sure.

The vet went into another room and came back with a cat in a cage. He let it out, it walked around the dog, sniffed for a bit, then went back in the cage.

He confirmed again that the dog was dead.

The old lady was sad and asked the vet how much he owed her for the visit.

“$400,” he told her.

“You’re joking,” she said in anger. “Why?”

“Well it was $10 for me to tell you the dog was dead. Then it was $390 for the cat scan.”

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