January Horoscope: It’s time to get your ‘house in order’ before emotions take over!

Jan 07, 2023
January 2023 astrological outlook. Source: Getty

The first full moon of the year is here… and the “Wolf Moon” is in Cancer, which means it’s time to get your house in order and listen to your emotional needs.

Emotions can run high during a “Wolf Moon” because several cycles are peaking at once, which means it may be more difficult to communicate or fully express yourself.

Because the moon will be in Cancer – the sign of home, family, food, nurturing and comfort – it’s also a time to get things right on the home front before these emotions take over.

Cancer is also ruled by the moon, so it’s a time to open up and practice self-love and compassion during what could be a trying time.

This full moon gives birth to new beginnings, new direction and new goals. The full moon is also coupled with Mercury, Mars and Uranus retrograde, so be prepared for some miscommunications and misunderstandings, especially in relationships. 

Unexpected, chaotic or volatile things could also happen after Uranus turns direct on the 24th. January could start quite slowly, but gradually as these three planets turn direct – Mercury on January 19 and Mars on January 13, more energy becomes available, and we start to get cracking in our lives.

Conflict might surround how much of your life is public and private. The moon itself is quite private, so time out might be calling you and you may also have more issues involving women.

You may feel a greater need for comfort, quietness and privacy so it’s a great time for self-reflection and meditation. You should also stay close to home and prepare for more interaction with family.

With Mercury, Mars and Uranus all retrograde in January – star signs Virgo, Gemini, Scorpio, Aries and Aquarius would be particularly affected.

Everyone is likely to be affected to some extent but particularly these signs because Mercury rules over logical Virgo and playful Gemini, Mars rules over emotionally deep Scorpio and fiery Aries and Uranus rule over innovative and intelligent Aquarius.

Retrograding planets always signals reflection, review and reassessment of your situation. It’s time to view situations in a different way than usual.

It’s a time to go back over something due to new experiences which change your mindset. It’s also time to finish things off or take care of outstanding business. You might also become more internalised and look within.

What does the Wolf Moon have in store for your star sign?

Aries (March 21 to April 19)

You’re probably feeling a little more emotional around the full moon, but that’s okay. It’s perfectly acceptable to have fluctuating feelings and logical work may seem more difficult than usual because it could be hard to focus or concentrate on one thing. You may also be more empathetic than usual, particularly with family.

Your home and family are more important right now, so it’s a great time to be focused on them, as the month proceeds, you’ll have more energy for going out and getting things done. Women may also play important roles for you and interesting or exciting things also have more appeal than usual.

Taurus (April 20 to May 20)

Decisions now are probably made on the basis of how you feel rather than what’s logical and that’s a good thing…listen to your intuition! You may find yourself discussing your feelings more than usual and new ideas are likely. There could be some conflict about how you can grow your life and study, travel or spirituality might factor into this internal debate.

You could be in “two minds”, maybe you’re thinking about travelling or doing a course, but other factors produce some issues. Added to this, personal relationships could be more turbulent or deeply compelling feelings are steering you in another direction. Take time to make important decisions.

Gemini (May 21 to June 20)

Money matters might be on your mind, and you could also feel some sense of security from old sentimental possessions linking you back to the past. Sometimes it’s hard to make decisions and miscommunications are possible, especially before the 19th. That’s okay – give yourself the gift of time to take the correct action.

Music and art might have powerful impacts on you now as your sensitivity is sky-high! You can also find beauty in small things like a smile or a flower whilst your feelings are more intense. You could be feeling quite passionate about all sorts of matters so do try to stay rational on things that need rationality – like money. 

Cancer (June 21 to July 22)

Your ruler the moon is influencing you to be very sympathetic to others to the point that decision-making could be quite difficult. It’s as if waves of emotion overtake your mind and you ‘wear your heart on your sleeve’ now. You may also have intensely compelling feelings regarding important partnerships.

Do watch for miscommunications and misunderstandings as challenges could arise with significant others. Your intuition could be firing on all cylinders so do pay attention as there could be some very physical effects necessitating changes in structure or dealing with authority figures. Your intuition could tell you in advance!

Leo (July 23 to August 22)

The moon is quite impactful on you, and it could be bringing up contradictory feelings about what your mind wants to do, it’s best to find a balance between all the parts of yourself – so now is not the best time now to rush into things. You respond very much to the emotions of people around you, so much so that it can be difficult to sort fact from fiction. This could be quite confusing as your emotions ebb and flow making rational decision-making difficult. It could be quite an uphill and down dale type of month. Go slowly but surely towards your true goals and have plenty of time out to consider your position.

Virgo (August 23 to September 22)

It’s all about your hopes and dreams now. You can probably already sense what it is you’re supposed to be doing so do pay attention to the strange little sensations and feelings you get. Your friends and associations become more important to you now and you may be able to pick up what is going on in their lives without them saying a word.

Sometimes you can even sense parallels with what you’re going through. It could also be that your mind and your feelings seem to be going in opposite directions sometimes. It’s only for a short time and then things will become clearer. You could find all sorts of people confiding in you – just remember to look after yourself as well. 

Libra (September 23 to October 22)

The full moon could bring a bit of turbulence in your career or perhaps with some kind of authority figure or parent. That’s okay, you can weather the storm. There may be a time when career matters conflict with family life in some way however, this will soon change for the better.

You could be working very well with the public now and your public life becomes more important. It’s also possible that you care for the public or society in some way throughout your career. Try not to worry as any turbulence will soon pass as you adjust to new circumstances. Do watch for miscommunications especially up to the 19th, all will become clearer after this time.

Scorpio (October 23 to November 21)

You probably need some excitement in your life! How will you manage this? Travel? Study? New interests? Spirituality? These are all possibilities for this month. Even if you decide not to engage in any of these, you may mix it up a little by going to a new restaurant, getting involved in new hobbies etc.

Somehow, in some way, life is about to get more interesting! Other cultures and countries become more appealing now, so you might find yourself flicking through travel sites. Anything to save some emotional restlessness and deep compelling emotions you may be feeling right now. Soon this will pass, and you can make the right decision.

Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21)

You may feel a bit of a shakeup regarding your joint assets with another person, company or government organisation. Pay attention, especially when your finances are involved. This could also affect your investments or the intimacy that you share with another.

It’s clear out time – bottled-up emotions could come tumbling out of your mouth at any time, therefore watch for misunderstandings or miscommunications, especially before the 19th.  It may also be tempting to close yourself off from these matters but that won’t make them go away. Try to remain open to others so that new solutions can come to your mind.

Capricorn (December 22nd to January 19)

You have a very auspicious aspect pattern this month, with the moon being the centre of attention. You’ll likely receive extra motivation and bag loads of potential to do what you want regarding significant relationships or perhaps legalities. You may find additional emotional support coming from family or friends and others who care about you.

All this support will be encouraging you to move into a more committed union with another. New relationships could get more serious and existing relationships could be renewed or rejuvenated in some way. You may feel happier than you have in a long time!

Aquarius (January 20th to February 18)

You may find people at work or in your everyday life reaching out to you for support and you’ll probably be very happy to give it. You’ll also likely feel more sympathetic and wish to help others in need…well done to you! It’s important, however, not to go overboard by trying to ‘fix’ people as everyone has their own path that only they can walk.

A helping hand along the way sometimes is appreciated – picking them up and carting them off in another direction isn’t. Your own health or well-being may be what you really need to look at. Ask yourself how you can improve your own life first. You can make great strides forward this month!

Pisces (February 19 to March 20)

You’re probably feeling quite creative this month. It’s important to realise that your emotions can actually fuel your creativity so expressing them is vital not only to physically create but also for your general health and well-being. This is a bit of a double-edged sword however as your childlike playfulness is quite attractive but certain people may not appreciate it.

Do be especially careful up to the 19th regarding miscommunications or misunderstandings. Also, it’s not the best time to take unnecessary risks but, do get out and have some “safe fun” as it’s a great time for socialising even if you feel a bit emotional about something.

The full Wolf Moon will be reaching its peak on Saturday, January 7 at 10.07 am AEST, but the best viewing will be that evening.

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