Dishwasher dilemma solved: How one simple hack saves time, space, and your sanity

Apr 05, 2024
Ever wrestled with your dishwasher, cramming dishes in only to face chaos? Fear not! Home hack queen Anita Birges has the ultimate fix. Source: Getty Images.

Are you tired of playing dishwasher Tetris every time you try to fit in your dishes? Well, worry no more because home hack queen Anita Birges has just unveiled a game-changing method to optimise your dishwasher space – and it’s taking social media by storm!

Birges, known for her ingenious home organisation tips, recently took to her Instagram to share her “secret to fitting almost anything in your dishwasher”.

“I learned about the ‘dish rack hack’ a few years back when I was shopping for smaller plates as I thought mine simply didn’t fit in the dishwasher,” she began.

“A shop assistant taught me this tip. Now every time I’m in someone’s home, I teach it to them as well.”

The method, as Birges demonstrates, involves adjusting the top rack of your dishwasher. By lifting it to a higher position and locking it into place, you create more room on the bottom rack for larger items on the top rack.

“Not only is this a great solution for enabling you to wash larger dishes in your dishwasher on the bottom rack, it will also make room for things like tall glasses and thermoses on the top when needed,” Birges explained.

“As well as preventing things from getting damaged from being shoved into a too short rack.”

The process is remarkably simple: unclip both left and right rails, lift the rack to the higher position, and lock the clips back into place.

While some dishwashers may have different mechanisms for adjustment, Birges assures that almost all of them offer this option.

“The best part is that you don’t need any tools and it only takes a minute to do!” Birges added.

Fellow users were quick to praise the method, with comments pouring in expressing gratitude and amazement at this newfound knowledge.

“Omg. Thank you. I totally didn’t see the adjustment on my dishwasher and for 2 yrs I have been washing the plates by hand,” one wrote.

“Omggggggg we have been swearing at our dishwasher and layiong our plates flat for 6 years, as soon as I saw your video I changed the rack! I had no idea. Thank you! You just saved my sanity.”

“Stop it!!! Just changed it after all this time,” commented another.

“Wow I feel silly. All this time I’ve been whinging about this exact problem fixed now! Thank you.”

“Omg!!!!! I just did it to ours. Thank you.”

With Birge’s dish rack hack, the days of dishwasher frustration may finally be behind us. So, the next time you’re faced with a seemingly impossible pile of dishes, remember this ingenious trick and let the dishwasher do the work for you!

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