Shock royal death, new PM and natural disasters: Revisiting a psychic’s predictions for 2021

Which of these predictions came to pass? (Photo Source: Getty.)

Back in January 2021, we shared the story of Linda Willow Roberts, a certified medium who foresaw a string of shocking events in the year ahead.

It received an overwhelming response from the Starts at 60 community, becoming one of the month’s most-read articles.

Three years on, we’re revisiting her predictions to see what panned out. How much of the below do you believe came to pass?

The royal family

When asked about the movements of the royal family in 2021, Linda’s initial prediction was a shocking one. “I wrote down shock passing of a younger royal, that’s what I wrote,” she said. “I don’t think that it’s [Prince] Will or [Prince] Harry, I think it’s more like one of the cousins but it’s a shock and it’s a younger person. One of the younger royals, I wouldn’t say very young, but one of the younger ones.”

But the death wasn’t the only negative prediction for the royal family with Linda saying that Meghan Markle could see more of her ventures fail and her home life impacted due to her “karma” – something that Linda said husband Prince Harry, didn’t have to worry about.

“This isn’t going to be very nice to say, but I feel like Meghan has quite a bit of karma to sort out before she actually moves forward. Harry has no problems, his karma is fine because he’s given back a lot in his life, Meghan hasn’t.

“So unfortunately, some of her decisions and some of the things that she does will fail and that’s because of her past karma, but that won’t affect Harry. I think it will also impact their home life.”

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom for Harry and Meghan. Linda said that what the public sees of their tethered relationship with the monarchy isn’t the truth. In fact, she believed full well that their English relatives were wishing them all the best, and as the Covid-crisis started to wind down, the Cambridge’s and the Sussex’s would meet somewhere for a holiday get together – likely Canada.

Weather predictions

Mother nature was going to be fickle and ferocious in 2021 according to Linda, who said she could see natural disasters on the horizon. Linda felt earthquakes and volcanoes stronger than anything else with her prediction being that the tectonic plates between Australia’s east coast and New Zealand will shift causing earthquakes in the water.

“You look at it like this, everyone was fearful because of the pandemic which raises fear around the world, and when that vibration is raised around the world, it raises events that are quite fearful. I’ve been watching the coast of America for a long time because I’ve been feeling like they’re going to have some serious earthquakes.

“I feel like maybe more activity in the Ring of Fire [the area in the basin of the Pacific Ocean]. I think that there will be more volcanoes and more earthquakes in the southern rim, but I just feel like between Australia and New Zealand is going to be a little bit more active as well.”

Business and politics

When it came to politics in 2021 and beyond, Linda predicted radical reform is in store with the Federal Government switching leaders to someone from within the same party in 2021. She predicted this big change would come after a “rogue” person stepped out to reveal something important to the public.

“I really also feel like around April next year there’s going to be like a rogue person that spills the beans. I think someone’s going to come out and go rogue, tell the public a lot more about what we didn’t know.”

On Australia’s current government she added: “What they did and how they’ve been is no longer suffice. People are just more aware now. Everyone feels like there’s something bigger than us. I think that sparked off the curiosity of people not just believing what’s on the news but researching things and finding out the truth. Whoever comes out and blows the whistle is going to shock a lot of people. I think that it starts off as national but it will then involve international people.”

And when it came to business, Linda predicted something to go wrong with Telstra, adding that it will end up being very publicly embarrassing for the business. She also said lots of companies would end up consolidating in the coming months.

“There’s a lot of companies I think that will consolidate next year, a lot of big companies. The companies that are going to do well next year are gold, minerals, agriculture and technology and I think the companies that are going to consolidate are like textile companies and car companies and things like that.”

Older Australians

When she shared her predictions in 2021, Linda was adamant that a lot would change, not only with general day-to-day life post-Covid, but also in the world of retirees. For everyday life, she predicted family home life and ethics would change with people reverting back to their old-fashioned values.

She saw Australians heading back to their roots by growing their own food, feeding their neighbours, taking care of their family, sitting down to talk with one another and playing cards and games together.

However, she said that after being put in the virus’s high-risk group and being subjected to isolation, older people would be scared of going back into normal life and that it will be more important than ever for people to check in on their neighbours.

“I think they won’t want to do the routine things that they were doing because they’ve found that when that’s taken away they’ve got that empty feeling,” she said. “It’s made them a bit fearful of being reliant on something. Because they’re really lost. They’re going to be very fearful to even return to their hobbies.  There’s going to be a big shift in a lot of their lives.”

No matter how accurate these predictions, her her final advice for older Australians certainly holds up: “Seize the day. If you want to do something, do it and bugger the consequences.”

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