Want to send older Aussies packing (nicely)?

We work with the best travel operators, cruise companies and tourism boards to package and sell holidays over-60s can’t wait to book, online or through our Brisbane-based call centre.

Travel at 60 will help them book

Travel at 60 is a national online/offline travel agency and dedicated travel packaging team serving the travel dreams of over-60s.  We’re passionate about guiding, planning and booking great holidays.

Nobody loves a great getaway better than a Baby Boomer

The Starts at 60 Boomer Guide 2023 captures a terrific range of insights into the travelling over-60 consumer in a post Covid world. Here’s a taste of the data inside:

53% have already booked a holiday

34% plan to travel internationally 

54% want a domestic holiday 

30% are regular travellers


Reach affluent travel-lovers who can depart anytime

Need bums on seats in soft periods? Want to fill inventory holes during shoulder season, or at short notice? We can help with that! Most of our customers are retired and free to travel whenever they want, so if you’ve got a good deal for them we want to hear from you. We sell a wide selection of products, both individually or in packaged holidays, through our online search and book engine and via an experienced team of travel consultants.

Starts at 60 Community Holidays

Over-60s travel with like-minded community members from the Starts at 60 Community on organised group holidays.  Travel at 60 organises trips to a huge range of locations across Australia and internationally.



Travel at 60 partners with the world’s most respected cruise lines and serves our customers with our cruise specialist travel agents.  We play a big role in national cruise product launches to the over-60 market.

Package Holidays

Travel at 60 negotiates high quality and great value holiday packages especially for over-60s, working with respected operators.


Our experienced travel agency team can book  flights to anywhere in the world on almost any airline.


Our team offers amazing deals on accommodation both via our booking engine and through our experienced travel agency team.


Travel at 60 works with all the major and many specialty tour operators and can help guide over-60s to the right tour to suit their ambitions and physical capability.

Need more reasons to work with us?

We’re speedy: our team is agile and quick, so you can get your offers to market fast, even on short notice.

Our customers are flexible: Our customer base is often retired or more flexible, so they can travel midweek when you have lots of latent inventory.

We love solo offers: We have a high demand from solo travellers who’re flexible with travel dates if you give them a good deal.

We book large groups: Our customers love holidaying as a community, so we can bring you big group bookings.

Meet a few of our partners!

Outback PioneersCunard Tourism NTPrincess CruisesJourney BeyondAAT KingsUniworldConsolidated Travel GroupTrafalgarVanuatu Grand Pacific ToursDestination Gold CoastColletteThe Whitsundays

'Clever dynamic team'

The team at Starts at 60 and Travel at 60 have been a great success story.   We see a lot of potential ‘next best things’ come through, but since their inception, Starts at 60 have stood out because they have not only just delivered, but surpassed any lofty expectations we may have set for them.   Having a deep-seated understanding, connection, and relationship with their followers really has separated this clever and dynamic team from the pack.  

Brett Wendorf, Head of Sales Operations