Prince Harry dubbed ‘professional victim’ following ‘pompous’ UN speech

Jul 23, 2022
Prince Harry faces media backlash from UN speech. Source: Getty

Prince Harry is once again making headlines and not for the right reasons. Just days after delivering his speech at the United Nations, the Duke of Sussex is facing backlash from the public for what some have labelled an “ironic”, “inappropriate” and “condescending” speech.

The keynote speech, which was delivered on Monday, July 18, was meant to commemorate the life of late activist and former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela.

Though Harry delivered powerful statements, highlighting Mandela’s life’s work, discussed political matters, and spoke about action against climate change. The speech has been heavily criticised by royal fans who are alleging that the Duke had plagiarised his older brother, Prince William’s, speech which he delivered to the Church of Scotland in 2021.

The public wasn’t alone in mocking Harry, outspoken TV personality Piers Morgan and Fox News contributor Kat Timpf shared their thoughts on the Duke’s UN appearance, with Timpf labelling Harry a “professional victim”.

“He has been whining at every chance he gets about almost everything non-stop without offering any solution or acknowledgment for the way some of his own behaviour might contribute to the problems,” she told Morgan.

“If you’re born a prince you generally have advantages that almost no one else will have to make your life whatever it is you want.”

In another one of Morgan’s shows, Morgan shared the same sentiments as Timpf saying “I can’t think of anybody less qualified of the eight billion inhabitants of our planet to talk about Nelson Mandela than Harry”.

“He is so miserable, pompous and Poe-faced!” he went on to say.

Royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti also weighed in on Harry’s speech, saying he believes the royal’s appearance wasn’t appropriate.

“I can’t say I was surprised [about his speech at the U.N. General Assembly Hall in New York] bearing in mind, he’s making a habit of this. But I certainly wasn’t impressed,” Sacerdoti told Us Weekly.

Sacerdoti explained how Harry’s current actions and public appearances didn’t line up with his previous choice to leave the Royal Family and stay out of media.

“Why was he speaking at the U.N.? Because he’s Prince Harry, otherwise, without meaning to be too offensive, no one would be interested in a guy who scraped through high school’s opinion on world affairs,” he said.

Sacerdoti also claimed the 37-year-old has “no qualifications” to be discussing world issues.

“He’s, literally, completely unqualified to have anything important to tell to people, but instead he’s using his position as somebody in the British royal family to spread what he sees as an important message,” he said.

Harry’s UN speech comes just days prior to the release of a new bombshell royal biography written by former BBC journalist Tom Bower, titled Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between the Windsors which claims many of Harry’s school friends were “suspicious” of Meghan and thought Harry was “nuts” for dating her.

Did you watch Harry's speech? What did you think about?

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