‘Anything is possible’: Melissa Caddick’s husband admits she could still be alive

May 19, 2022
Despite his wife's misdemeanours, Koletti has been asserting his claim to a portion of Caddick's stolen wealth. Source: Steve Williams/Twitter

The husband of notorious Australian conwoman Melissa Caddick has admitted she could still be alive in a soon to be aired 7 news Spotlight interview special.

In a teaser of the 7 news exclusive interview, scheduled to air on Sunday, May 22, Anthony Koletti is asked by news presenter Michael User whether he truly believes Caddick could still be alive.

“Surely you still don’t believe she’s alive?” User asks Koletti in disbelief.

“Look, anything is possible,” he responded, seemingly unbothered by the question.

The teaser video shows glimpses of a rather deflated looking Koletti packing up his $17 million dollar beachfront mansion, which he once shared with wife Caddick, before he officially departed the place on Wednesday, May 18.

On Tuesday, May 3, Koletti was ordered by the court to vacate the Dover Height’s luxury beachfront mansion so it could be sold in order to recoup the $23 million dollars his wife Caddick had allegedly stolen from investors in her now-infamous Pozi scheme.

Despite his wife’s misdemeanours, Koletti had been asserting his claim to a portion of Caddick’s stolen wealth, claiming that his “financial and non-financial contributions” to their marriage and household from 2017 to 2020 meant that he was entitled to a cut of the multi-million dollar home.

As stated by 7 News, Koletti had filed a claim of “matrimonial entitlement” in a statement to the Federal Court, laying claim to a number of his wife’s allegedly fraudulently acquired possessions including, but not limited to, “two multi-million dollar homes, $2 million of jewellery and clothes, $7 million of shares and proceeds from $360,000 of sold-off cars”.

According to 7 news, “the court filing comes ahead of an inquest set to probe the mysterious disappearance of Caddick, which is set down for September”.

Caddick allegedly stole millions from her clients, most of whom were close family and friends, allegedly spending the money on funding a life of luxury. This was allegedly made possible through the fabrication of portfolio statements and fake accounts created by Caddick to deceive her clients into thinking they had invested in legitimate shares.

Caddick has been missing in action since November, 2020, and was presumed dead after the remains of her foot were discovered on the NSW South Coast on February, 21, 2021. Despite the grim find, criminologists have suggested the fraudster may still be alive.

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