The one thing flight attendants wish passengers would stop doing

Jun 05, 2017

They’re the angels of the sky, ready at our beck and call to brings us food, drinks, answer our questions and keep us safe. But flight attendants put up with some incredible situations during a flight, including crying babies, squabbling teens, overly flirtatious passengers and in-flight meal mania, just to name a few.

In an online forum that asked flight attendants to share what they hate seeing passengers do the most, one former flight attendant shared what she thought was the biggest issue, which passengers often didn’t even realise was a problem.

“I think the biggest thing is to throw your own trash away,” the flight attendant going by the name of inked1986 said on Reddit.

“We walk through the aisle with trash bags, there’s often a big trash bin on your way out and, if not, a trash can right inside the terminal. The seat-back pocket is not a trash receptacle,” she said.

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She also went on to explain that there was often a very short period of time between flights, making it very difficult to find each and every piece of rubbish.

“We typically have very little time between flights to tidy up and perform a checklist of tasks and finding unpleasant surprises tucked in those seat-back pockets is not fun,” she said.

Other flyers were quick to defend the hard work flight attendants do on the forum.

“I respect flight attendants for not losing their s*** on some of the passengers,” one person said.

“I fly pretty often and it never ceases to amaze me how unreasonable some passengers can be sometimes.”

Have you ever been guilty of leaving rubbish behind on a flight? Go on, tell us the truth in the comments section below.

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