New ways to holiday that are saving Aussies thousands

Dec 31, 2019
You can make use of the sharing economy to save money on your next holiday. Source: Getty

If you’ve been thinking about planning your next getaway, chances are you have a few hesitations about the cost of holidaying.

For most, holidays end up costing thousands of dollars and that’s before you add in extra expenses like eating out. In fact, Money Smart figures show that holidays account for $77 in the average Australian household’s weekly budget which adds up to $4,004 a year.

These days, there are plenty of ways to save on the cost of accommodation, transport and extras through rental platforms. You can hire other people’s cars and homes for the duration of your trip, and even hire someone to look after your pets while you’re away.

So, before you make a booking at an overpriced hotel or hire a car from the airport, take a look at the simple ways you can save money on your holiday by making the most of the share economy.


Accommodation is one of the biggest expenses of any holiday. Airbnb is a much cheaper alternative, and often you can hire an entire home for a fraction of the cost you would pay for a small hotel room.

The online platform allows you to rent out someone else’s property on a short-term basis, whether it be a couple of nights away or a few weeks.

You can search for specific types of homes, such as bed and breakfasts or beachside houses on the website in towns and cities all across the world. All pricing is determined by the host (homeowner) but is generally far less than the cost of a hotel.

Some Airbnb’s come fully-stocked with kitchen equipment and toiletries as well, so there is less for you to pack. You can also read reviews from other guests to see how they found the experience and the host’s hospitality.

Alternatively, if you prefer camping in the outdoors, you can rent out private campsites on people’s properties through Campspace. It works like Airbnb except you’re booking a space outdoors instead of a whole home.

Most campsites include bathroom facilities; however, you will need your own tent, caravan or campervan. It’s a great option if you have pets, as most allow them.


Traditional car hire can be expensive, but thankfully there are  peer-to-peer car sharing services available, like Car Next Door, which allow you to rent a car from a local which will save you hundreds of dollars.

Meanwhile, if you’re hitting the open road on a caravanning trip, Camplify offers affordable campervan and caravan hire. You’ll have the freedom of exploring the road at your own pace without having to spend thousands to purchase your own.


If your four-legged friend can’t come along on your holiday, you’ll need to find someone to look after them. A cattery or kennel can cost up to $350 a week.

Why not enlist the help of a pet sitter instead? Mad Paws is an online platform where you can browse for local pet sitters in your area to visit them each day while you’re away to feed and walk them, from around $140 a week. That way, they get to stay in their own environment and you have peace of mind that they will be well looked after.

If the idea of someone coming to your home doesn’t sit well with you, there is the option for your pet to stay at a sitter’s house.


Get more out of your holiday and explore the outdoors by hiring equipment through Quipmo. The peer-to-peer service allows you to rent someone else’s surfboard, bike or snow gear from someone in the local area for a reasonable price.

You’d generally pay anywhere between $40 and $60 a day to hire a board from a surf rental company for the day, but with Quimpo you’ll pay just $25.

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Have you ever used peer-to-peer services while on holiday? Is it something you'd consider to save money?

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