Kate Middleton shows her ‘character and sense of duty’ as she helps ‘lost’ 8-year-old on a train

Aug 10, 2022
Kate was seen talking to the boy until his dad had returned from the loo. Source: Getty

While it is a known fact that the British Royal family are trained to be perfectly behaved and dutiful during public events, a surprise encounter with Catherine, Duchess of Cornwall, has proven that her sweet and charming nature isn’t just for the camera.

While Prince William and Princess Charlotte opted to travel via helicopter to the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, Kate travelled solo by train.

Also catching the train to the Games was Matthew Syed, a columnist for The Times, and his 8-year-old son, Ted.

As they made their way to Birmingham, Syed used one of the train’s toilets while Ted stood outside and waited for his father to finish.

While inside the toilet, Syed said he could hear his son “chatting merrily” to a woman outside.

“As I am doing my thing, I hear him talking to a woman in the vestibule,” Syed recalled.

“‘Are you here alone?’ she asks. ‘No, my dad is in there,’ he says, pointing to the lavatory.'”

Syed said the pair continued to chat and “judging by the laughter, they are having a whale of a time.”

Syed continued saying: ” ‘Come on Ted,’ I say, ‘We have to get off! Oh, and thanks for keeping him company . . .’ I say turning to the woman waiting her turn when I am stopped in my tracks. My brow furrows, my face works. ‘Kate?’ I blurt out. There are no security guards in the vestibule; no armed guards. But here is the Duchess of Cambridge, chatting merrily with my son.”

As they said their goodbyes to the Duchess, Syed asked his son if he knew who he was just talking to.

“No idea but she was really nice,” he responded.

According to Syed, the Duchess “had no idea she was chatting to the son of a journalist” saying he took the interaction as a reflection of  her “character and sense of duty” before commenting that “the monarchy is in consummate hands.”

Kate later met up with her husband and daughter at Birmingham, where they watched the men’s 100-metre swimming match and visited SportsAid, a charity to which the Duchess is a royal patron.

It was a special day for the trio as it marked Princess Charlotte’s first ever royal solo outing with her parents.

The 7-year-old was clearly delighted to watch the games live as she was snapped enthusiastically cheering for the teams and winning over the hearts of sports fans and royal watchers alike.

The Olympic-style tournament gave Charlotte the opportunity to experience the royal summer of live sports after her older brother, Prince George, 9, made his Wimbledon debut last month.

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