‘Everything came crashing down’: Johnny Ruffo reveals his anger over cancer diagnosis

Sep 02, 2022
Johnny Ruffo has opened up about the moment he was diagnosed with brain cancer. Source: Instagram @johnny_ruffo

Australian golden boy Johnny Ruffo has opened up about the life-changing moment he was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2017, revealing that it was a “horrible feeling” to receive the shocking news.

Speaking to Nova radio hosts Fitzy and Wippa, the 34-year-old former Home and Away star admitted he felt robbed by his diagnosis.

“It just felt like everything came crashing down,” he told the hosts.

“And it was a horrible feeling. You know, you get that diagnosis, and even when I went in to receive the diagnosis, I felt as if the oncologist had the impression that I already knew.”

Ruffo explained that the oncologist hadn’t actually clarified whether or not he had cancer and had just launched into discussing possible treatments.

“So it’s malignant yeah?” Ruffo had asked the oncologist, to which they confirmed.

“I had to let that sink in. And I’m like ‘Ah okay’. And I’m just sitting there, like ‘Shit I’ve got cancer’. And the oncologist is just running through the treatment, which I didn’t hear any of because I’m in this other world.”

When asked by the hosts whether Ruffo was “pissed off” about his cancer diagnosis, he admitted he is “definitely not happy about it”.

“I’m angry about it; there’s so many emotions that I feel about it. I’m angry. I’m sad. There’s so many feelings that are just balled up. Sometimes you don’t know what to feel. I’m sad,” he said.

Despite his trials and tribulations, Ruffo said he still enjoys days of happiness, sharing that he and longtime girlfriend Tahnee Sims try to “find the goodness and joy in every little moment”.


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Earlier this week the X Factor star had a tearful interview with The Project‘s Carrie Bickmore.

“Looking up my diagnosis and my tumour, the average life expectancy was three years. And for me, it’s now been five years. I’m already winning. My goal now is to try and help as many people as I can and also live a happy life,” he said.

“At some point, it will get me but I’m still fighting. Still kicking on.”

Ruffo’s latest interview also follows his announcement that he wants to be a father one day, sharing that he has already frozen his sperm in the hopes of having children in the future.

The actor explained his decision to freeze his sperm in his new memoir, No Finish Line, saying he thought it was a necessary step to take in case he became infertile while undergoing treatment for his brain cancer.

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