Anne Hergerty opens up about being an ‘outsider’ and how ‘The Chase’ made her feel ‘connected’

Nov 12, 2022
Anne Hegerty opens up on the tough years before 'The Chase'. Source: Instagram @celebagents

She may be one of The Chase‘s most beloved quizzers and a fan favourite, but Anne Hegerty wasn’t always someone people wanted to be around.

Before becoming a household name as “The Governess,” the 64-year-old spent the majority of her life feeling left out.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Hegerty shared how her Asperger’s syndrome had made her feel like an outcast.

“It’s a really nice feeling to be popular and it is nice to be connected with something that is popular,” she said.

“For most of my life that wasn’t the case. I was always a bit of an outsider. I didn’t know how to make friends and preferred to be on my own with a book.

“I was never the person everyone wanted to be around so it has turned out to be a lovely surprise.”

Hegerty went on to say that she knew appearing on The Chase would make her famous but she didn’t think the show would also make her popular.

“Some people find me scary but I like to think I am much more approachable than The Governess,” she remarked.

It isn’t just the general public who loves Hegerty, the quizmaster also shared that there are plenty of celebrities who are fans.

“Chaka Khan watches it whenever she’s in Britain. She can never remember my name and refers to me as the ‘big woman’. Robbie Williams watches too and I’ve been told Sean Bean and Ricky Gervais are fans,” she revealed.

But popularity isn’t the only thing that The Chase has given Hegerty. Appearing on an episode of the White Wine Question Time podcast back in 2020, the TV personality admitted she was in a dire financial situation prior to landing her position as The Governess.

Hegerty shared how a social worker called Jeff McKenzie helped her get her finances in order and eventually she landed her position at The Chase and money has been stable ever since.

The quiz master said getting the job with the popular television program was a real turning point in her life.

“I mean this is the thing that changed my life,” she explained on the podcast.

“I’d had to go through four separate auditions and was kind of on tenterhooks about it. I don’t think I’ve ever done anything that has made so much of a difference in my life as actually getting the job on The Chase, frankly.”

Though rumours have started circulating regarding Hegerty’s potential replacement with a younger quizzer, The Governess has assured fans she has no intention of leaving the popular quiz show just yet.

“I love The Chase more than ever. This is my favourite job,” she said.

“It is still a great show and I’m still extremely positive about it. I hope we have many more years left.”

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