Daily Joke: 5 funnies about bees

Nov 17, 2021
These jokes about bees are f-Honey. Source: Getty Images

A man walks into an apiary and asks for a dozen bees.

The beekeeper nods and carefully counts out 13 bees. The man realises this and points it out, “That’s one too many.”

“No worries,” the beekeeper says. “It’s a freebie.”


A man comes running to the doctor shouting and screaming in pain. “Please doctor you’ve got to help me. I’ve been stung by a bee.”

“Don’t worry;” says the doctor. “I’ll put some cream on it.”

“You will never find that bee. It must be miles away by now.”

“No, you don’t understand,” says the doctor. “I’ll put some cream on the place you were stung.”

“Oh! It happened in the garden in back of my house.”

“No, no, no!” says the doctor getting frustrated. “I mean on which part of your body did that bee sting you?”

“On my finger!” screamed the man in pain. “The bee stung me on my finger and it really hurts.”

“Which one?” the doctor says.

“How am I supposed to know? All bees look the same to me!”


My wife got stung by a bee on the forehead. She’s at the ER now, her face all swollen and bruised, she almost died.

Luckily I was close enough to hit the bee with my shovel.


What do bees say when they get back to the hive?

“Honey! I’m home!”


What do you call a bee that still moves after you kill it?

A zom-bee

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