Yet another terrible blow for Celine Dion

They say bad things come in threes, but Celine Dion has had to suffer enough without this latest devastation wrought

They say bad things come in threes, but Celine Dion has had to suffer enough without this latest devastation wrought by a disease that has affected all her near and dear ones.

It’s been less than a year since she lost her beloved husband Rene Angelil and brother Daniel Dion to cancer, and Celine has now been hit with more terrible news involving her sister’s husband.

Her sister Claudette has now revealed there is more bad cancer news in the family as their sister Liette’s husband, Guy Poirier, is in a care home being treated for the disease, which has spread to his lung, brain and bones.

“My step-brother is at the Maison Adhemar-Dion and he is still conscious,” she told Echos Vedettes magazine. “My sister (Liette) is with him and she is very strong. People of the Maison are angels and they are taking very good care of our step-brother”.

Maison Adhemar-Dion, named after Celine’s father Adhemar who also passed away from bone cancer in 2003, is a palliative care unit in a suburb outside of Montreal in Quebec, Canada, where her brother Daniel was also treated.

Following her husband and brother’s deaths, Celine took time out of her Las Vegas residency but returned in February, finished her French album and performed Queen’s hit The Show Must Go On at the Billboard Music Awards in May.

“I feel wonderful. I feel strong, I feel good,” she told U.S. show Today in July. “It’s been a journey. It’s been hard seeing the love of your life suffering for the last three years, it’s been really hard, but millions of people are going through this, and I feel very strong because not only did he love me so much for many, many lives to come, he gave me three magnificent kids, so much knowledge, stability, and confidence.”

Our hearts go out to Celine and her family, who have already suffered far, far too much. Share your thoughts below.

  1. Sbongani  

    I do not have words to comfort you Celine (I’m your big fan) however God Almighty in his grace gave us the Holy Spirit who is our great Comforter. God knows your suffering, he has seen your tears and also know how you feel and He will wipe your tears. Keep on keeping on and bless us with good music
    May the good God be with you and your family
    Sbongani (S Africa)

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  3. Bob  

    The spiritual, truest side of each of us knows that life is a temporary classroom that offers enlightenment in both the good and bad circumstances that engage us day-to-day. Life is not intended to show us how to make a lot of money or be the prettiest woman or most handsome man. Life would be a waste of time if that were the case. Instead we’re here to learn eternal lessons about love and compassion, forgiveness and kindness toward others and, more profoundly, toward ourselves. I’ve had kidney cancer. Fortunately for me I just had to have that kidney removed and I have lived the last sixteen years cancer free. I faced my mortality but it scared me a lot. Nonetheless, it opened a door for me to walk through that helped my spiritual self realize it’s importance more so than what my ego was demanding. None of us wants to suffer nor see our loved one do so either. We can’t escape it though because it’s part of why we’re here because the most profound of challenges teach us the most lasting lessons. We are stopped in our tracks when tragedy strikes and we take notice. The importance of who we truly are and what our loved ones mean to us stands out when we are forced to face our fears. We are life listeners whose experiences enhance us and even when pain and suffering prevail we triumph as Celine has done. Courage and understanding of that purpose, no matter how odd that may sound, is in everything we experience whether good or bad. We learn to be better beings when we value the design of learning through ours and others struggles. Our spiritual selves are eternal and when life no longer keeps us embodied in who we are in the here and now, our spiritual selves return home edified. That we share our love, our concern, our hopes and dreams here means we have become better beings than when we first arrived on this planet. The love of God, the love of each one of us is what makes the journey through life so worth the fight. That’s why we persevere and that’s why it’s kind to the heart to hear one another offer comfort and love at a time of sorrow. We are loving beings in the purest sense but sometimes some of us get lost in the ego mindset that can’t see the beauty of our spiritual core that is all about pure love. Happiness and a peaceful thoughts ring out to Celine and all of us who are saddened by the pain within and the pain we know others are having to experience. New beginnings are thoughtful reminders that time is limited to what it can offer. Eternity’s heart beats with boundless love awaiting us all.

    • Anne  

      What a beautifully wriiten post. Thankyou for sharing your love, experience and hope…it was very heartfelt and inspiring…

  4. Sandy Scott  

    I wish I could hold you and comfort you, as your music has done for myself and others. You are in my prayers. And as you often say.
    My friend. God bless you and your family.
    I hope I will one day have the great honor to see your show.

  5. Ella Johnson  

    Stay strong Celine – and take very good care of yourself!

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