Queen and Prince Philip forced to cancel Christmas travel plans

Royal watchers around the world were left disappointed and worried today when it was announced the Queen and the Duke
The royal couple will stay home a while longer.

Royal watchers around the world were left disappointed and worried today when it was announced the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh had cancelled their plans to travel to Sandringham for Christmas.

Every year the royal couple head to Norfolk to spend Christmas at the private royal estate, but just days after appearing at a major event with the rest of the family the palace has announced it’s not happening.

It appears both the Queen and Philip have “heavy colds” that are hindering their plans.

“The queen and the Duke of Edinburgh have heavy colds, and so have decided not to travel to Sandringham today,” the spokesman for the palace said.

While it may not sound like much, anyone with older parents knows that a cold can quickly turn into something else.

It’s this point that has some worried about the health of the royal couple, with many noting they’re no spring chickens anymore.

With the Queen turning 90 this year, no one would expect her health to be what it once was, but earlier this week she also announced she was stepping down from a number of her royal duties and handing them over the other family members.

The entire royal family gathered for a special Christmas dinner on Sunday, with both Her Majesty and Philip appearing in perfect health.

With the bitterly cold weather in England right now though, it seems the season got the best of them.

The palace is yet to announce whether or not they will travel to Sandringham in the next few days.

Do you think the Queen will stay on the throne for the rest of her life? Or will she hand over the reins to Prince Charles?

  1. marilyn flynn  

    i don’t care.

    • Just asking  

      Then why did you bother to read and comment?

  2. Marlee  

    You have to stay warm in the bitterly cold weather, which they have in England at this time of the year. The elderly are very prone to pneumonia. Stay warm you guys.

  3. Jill  

    God Bless our Queen and Prince Philip! Speedy recover and good call on giving some tasks to other Royals. They are eager to help.

    Merry Christmas to all!

  4. joanna galea  

    Why are royal watchers disappointed? It is not like they cancelled a meeting with them.

  5. Lynn Delmont  

    They are doing the sensible thing for people their age.
    Hope she will not step down in a hurry, just cut back on her commitments.
    Happy Christmas to Her Magesty.

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