Princess Margaret’s former husband, Lord Snowden, dies

In sad news out this morning, Lord Snowdon, the former husband of Princess Margaret has passed away aged 86. Lord
The couple on their wedding day.

In sad news out this morning, Lord Snowdon, the former husband of Princess Margaret has passed away aged 86.

Lord Snowden was married to Margaret for 18 years before they divorced in 1978. He is survived by the couple’s two children, Sarah and David.

Snowdon was a photographer who spent years capturing images of the royal family as well as a whole host of celebrities and models.

He was particularly well known for being able to capture candid and relaxed photos of the royals while they were in the comfort of their own homes.

While their marriage lasted nearly two decades, it was plagued with rumours of his infidelity, and eventually ended with the pair going their separate ways.

While it was a bit of a scandal at the time, many were forgiving due to the unwavering love people had for Princess Margaret, who was known as the ‘fun’ princess.

Many will remember that Margaret was planning to marry former military man and royal staffer Peter Townsend in her early twenties, but was forced to end the relationship due to royal protocol.

Peter was divorced with two young children and the palace and the government of the day forbid her to marry him.

While she was understandably heartbroken at the time, she find happiness again with Lord Snowdon and the two spent many wonderful years together with their two children.

Princess Margaret passed away in 2002 after suffering from a number of strokes and health issues.

The couple’s children are expected to lay their father to rest in the coming week.

Our condolences go out to them.

Do you remember when Lord Snowden and Princess Margaret married? Do you have a message of condolence?

  1. Grace  

    I don’t know who wrote this, but the standard is shocking, even for this page. It is also incorrect. She was never engage to Peter Townsend.

    • I agree,she was in love with Townsend but never engaged to him

      • Linda Thomas  

        It doesn’t say they were engaged !

    • Beverley  

      It does not say she was engaged to him. Just planning to marry him.

    • Ellen Walls  

      It doesn’t say she was engaged but she was certainly planning to marry him. Absolutely.

    • Rosemary  

      Where does it say she was engaged, it says she planned to marry him, and she did. Did you mean to say “engaged” or “engage” to PT

    • chris  

      Grace there is NO mention of Margaret been engaged to Townsend so you need to get your facts straight , R.I.P, Lord Snowdon

  2. Rosemary Lynch  

    The Princess was also known to continue wild behaviour when married, anywhere. Pashing in the back of a London cab on the way to Kensington Palace was not unknown.

  3. Jennifer Lord  

    I thought there was at least one more child from his second marriage (?). If so, I’m sure it must be just as sad for him/her/them

    • Carmel Woods  

      Yes there was another child from the second marriage I think her name was Frances, even so why was she not mentioned in the article. I am sure she is feeling the death of her father like the minor royals that Sarah and David are.

    • Trish  

      Yes, there is another daughter from his 2nd marriage. As you said Carmel, I also think her name is Frances.

  4. moira  

    The article is poorly written by someone who can’t even get Lord Snowdon’s name correct.A talented attractive man. Rest in peace LORD SNOWDON

  5. Terry  

    It iis she “found” happiness, not find!

  6. Lynn Delmont  

    Lord Snowden will leave a legacy of wonderful photos to be remembered for. RIP….

  7. John Anderson  

    I believe Lord Snowden was originally known as Anthony Armstrong-Jones and that the divorce was very amicable given that both Lord Snowden and Princess Margaret had set their sights elsewhere to find true love. R.I.P. Lord Snowden you were a splendid father, a fine photographer and in many ways a caring human being.

  8. Kerry  

    This article must have been written by a non professional contributor. It has repeated errors of tense, e.g.., forbid, forbade and find, found. It doesn’t seem to be fact checked or was written to portray a specific royal bias. This writer loves to start sentences with ‘while’ indicating limited style. Alternatively, this article was rushed out in limited time with inadequate proof reading.

    • Julie  

      Who cares really ! The content was to inform people Lord Snowdrn had passed away
      It wasn’t a grammar test!

  9. Audrey Jackson  

    She was never ‘engaged’ to anyone as she had to get ‘permision’ before any announcement. Rules did change (for Prince Charles & Camilla – for instance). Margarets father became King simply because of the abdication (which prince Charles would have to do – Margaret also) not that i agree but it was the law.

    • Heather Sayers  

      Lord Snowdon had a disability in his leg and was an advocate for disabled persons

  10. Joan Marshall  

    If Lord Snowden was a philanderer Princess Margaret was no Saint. Princess Margaret gave Lord Snowden a tough time with her drinking and wild ways. I would not put it past her to have had affairs too. RIP Lord Snowden.

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