Muslim leaders call for ABC apology over Lambie’s Q&A slanging match

A petition says the program was a significant breach of the national broadcaster's values
Yassim Abdel-Magied, left, and Jacqui Lambie, right, got into a fiery debate on Sharia law.

Muslim leaders want an apology from the ABC for allowing Jacqui Lambie to lambaste activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied on Q&A on Monday.

A group of Muslim organisations, activists and academics posted a petition on today, asking people to support a complaint to the national broadcaster.

The group says in the petition that the Q&A episode, in which Lambie shouted at Abdel-Magied to “stop paying the victim,” was a significant breach of the ABC’s values of respect and integrity.

The senator from Tasmania’s comments were racist, Islamophobic, crude and constituted racial abuse, the petition says.

Lambie and Abdel-Magied got into a heated debate after Lambie told the audience that Australia should introduce a Donald Trump-style immigration ban.

She argued that Australia should “look after our own backyard first” and deport Muslims who “support Sharia law”.

But Abdel-Magied hit back that the senator didn’t know what sharia law was, rejecting Lambie’s suggestion that the Islamic judicial system impinged on women’s rights.

Islam was “the most feminist religion,” the 25-year-old activist argued.

Host Tony Jones was forced to step in to stop the shouting match.

But the petition says that Jones made “no attempt to acknowledge the reasons behind Abdel-Magied’s frustration and legitimate concern at the bigotry she was forced to respond to.”

It claims there was no evidence the Muslim activist attacked Lambie “as a person.”

As of Wednesday afternoon, 1,216 people have signed the petition.

In a statement also issued on Wednesday, the ABC says that Jones was an “effective moderator” of the unscripted program, in which exchanges were “fast-paced and unpredictable.”

“Q&A never sets out to gratuitously offend,” the ABC says. “Jacqui Lambie is an elected senator representing the people of Tasmania in the Federal Parliament and a legitimate person to comment on these issues. Obviously, the ABC doesn’t manage or control what federal MPs say.”

Did you watch the fiery Q&A program? Was the ABC wrong to allow it to descend into a slanging match? Were both speakers equally aggressive or was Jacqui Lambie out of line?


  1. P gammon  

    Again I say that Australia is Australia if they want sharia law go back to their country don’t try to change ours

    • Glenys  

      I agree do not want Sharia law here in Australia

    • Noalene Robinson  

      That is the bottom line…well said.

  2. Guy Flavell  

    That hysterical Muslim woman (ABC stooge) was ranting and interrupting continually.
    She and her precious Sharia laws are just not welcome in Australia. Deport the cow.

    • Richard Woodman  

      I agree Who the hell is this woman she wanted to run the show. If she is going around lecturing God help us, so many lies. Good on Jacqui she stood up to her. Let her go and live in a Muslim country for a couple of years then we will see if her views have changed

  3. Maria Rosini  

    As an immigrant myself I know how it feels to be put in a position like Abdel-Magied was, but I am of the same opinion as Jacqui Lambie. Nobody has the right to push Religion belief on other people.
    I came to this country and I abide by the rules and regulation of Australia as I choose to life here to work and live in peace and harmony within the community therefore I have no right to expect other people from other countries to have my beliefs pushed onto them.
    Australia is a beautiful country and we should start to help all our mates in the community that already reside here and need our help no matter what colour,religion, or race they belong too once we have done that by all means allow more people into the country. I enjoy watching Q&A .

    • Joan Tisdell  

      Thankyou, wish more immigrants felt as you do, Australia would then indeed be a lucky country! Your attitude is the same as the immigrants of the 40-60’s they too felt that Australia was a beautiful country and were prepared to become Australian in every way, all I can say is ” if the immigrants want to have their own ways and laws, why did you leave your own country? Please don’t come here and try changing us we love things how they are!

  4. Judie Trease  

    Aren’t we supposed to have “freedom of speech” here in OZ. We don’t want or need other cultures coming here wanting to change our laws !!!

    • Bev  

      She and all the rest of them should just leave Australia, but our gutless government hasn’t got the b*lls tho make a stand against them.

  5. Phill Howlete  

    I have never understood why people who follow the religion of Islam want to shout it from the rooftops all the time. You don’t hear about Baptists or Anglicans wanting to bring in their own form of laws and foist them on everybody else. I thought religion was a personal thing based on beliefs and faith. What has law got do with it? If a religious organisation has to rely on law and punishment to keep their followers in line then it has no place in a western democracy.

    • Heather  

      Exactly. This is a democracy and I am sick of.hearing.these people’s Good reason. Telling us we don’t understand Sharia! Of course we do. I am sick of them calling fair ninded people.bigots, racist etcetera. This is a fearful ideology stop trying to justify it.none of the other faiths try to impose laws on us, religion is separate from politics and laws and so it should be. Go live in Saudi, Abdel.

      • Mary  

        Ageee. This ia Australia with its own laws. All people should abide by them when they come to this country. We dont want Sharia law. It us a cruel law and andfrom the Quoran. It us man made law where they can bury women up to their shoulders in the ground and then stone them to death. I have always wondered what happens to the men? If you want Sharia law dont come here.

  6. Catherine Hill  

    Abdel-Magied was deliberately lying. Islam is the most frighteningly misogynistic faith on earth. Just ask the sisters in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen et al. They have no voice in their lives at all. Men control them from birth to the grave and Abdel-Magied knows it. She just happens to be lucky to be living in Australia. Go Jacquie. No sharia law under any circumstances.

    • Annette Kowalczk  

      Wonder why her parents chose to leave their country,, surely it was a wonderful place where Islam looks after their women??

  7. Dan  

    Neither the ABC nor Jacquie Lambe has anything to apologise for. Lambe was much better behaved than Abdel-Magied, who when caught out in a lie attempting yell her way out of a corner. Islam “the most feminist religion.” Google Iran or Saudi Arabia for just a couple of examples of how women are treated under Islamic rule.

    • Paul  

      Lambie is a bully and she proves it every time she opens her mouth. The ABC should be congratulated for allowing her on the program to show the whole world what a modern day biggotted and obnoxious sociopath looks like. And hopefully they’ll have that other ratbag Pauline Whatshername on soon to show the same traits.

  8. Jean  

    Yes, Yassim should apologise to Jacqui!

  9. BrisbaneWoman  

    Actually its Sharia not “sharia law”…..and it like many forms of religious beliefs can be applied in a moderate way or in an extreme way. Catholics have Cannon Law which has nothing to do with the bible but advocates ideas such as Lent (which is not mentioned in the bible) be observed, many catholics have been perpotrators of henieous crimes against women/men/children and yet society does not villify all catholics. Similarly the Jewish faith has Halakha (Jewish law) and the Tora. We are all humans and should treat each other with respect and without villification or bullying, living in harmony, not behaving like neanderthals (no disrespect to our ancient ancestors). This deterioration of respect for others in society brings me great sadness…from an Australian born anglo saxon christian.

    • HuggyBear  

      It’s people like you that forget your heritage/ancestry and go all soft on these Muslims that are just as much of a problem as they are. It’s people like you who turn a blind eye and grant them pilots licenses to take down buildings and stand by and watch innocent people being beheaded. It’s people like you who think it’s just fine for service personnel to be killed or maimed trying to rescue hostages. They’re a bunch of barbarians and don’t forget it.

      • BrisbaneWoman  

        Firstly you know nothing about me, and just because you like to point your finger at people doesnt make you right. I can trace my ancestry back to the 10th century, can you? Tell me how do you justify the fact that the law protects pedophile priests from being reported for their foul violations of children under the protection of the confessional? Hmmmm seems to me like a law made for the protection of a religious minority group (ie. the Clergy). I abhore criminals regardless of the crimes they perpetrate, whether it is the henious crimes you have a fascination with describing, or family violence, or theft, or millions of different ways humans have found to satisfy their greed. But i am not so narrow minded to think that all muslims are criminals (as you appear to believe) just as i do not believe that all catholics are out to bomb childcare centres like the Oklahoma bomber did. It is irrational beliefs like yours that make the many laws of our land necessary, such as the Anti-discrimination Act, etc. Education over ignorance!.

    • Chris  

      other religions dont try to change the law of the land these barbaric morons kill children by chopping off their heads, they burn their women and stone them, we dont want their barbaric laws in our country, and for you to think to show them love and respect will change their vile behaviours, you are as guilty as they are, they are a vile race of people and you shouldnt forget that.

      • BrisbaneWoman  

        See above comments….yes they do, many of the laws of our land and the UK, and many many many other countries were founded on religious beliefs. Even today there are legal protections in Australian law that favour the religious over their victims, why else do you think there is yet another a Royal Commission into child sexual abuse? By all means protect all humans, whether Australian or from another country, from the crimes perpetrated against them, but don’t assume that a minority faction whether political or religious, or tribal, or family relation, is a representation of the whole. Education and understanding are a good starting point.

    • Ron Pearson  

      You are the real problem with my country

      • BrisbaneWoman  

        Let he who has never done anything wrong cast the first stone or aspersion!! My comments were not personal, so why do you think your behaviour (personal attack) is reasonable?

  10. HuggyBear  

    Yassmin Abdel-Magied and Susan Carland make being an ‘Aussie’ Muslim look like and sound like some kind of fashion choice. We are all infidels according to the Quran 9:30 Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticise Islam. Yassmin Abdel-Magied should apologise to Senator Lambie. A women who has served her country in the ADF and the senate and Yassmin should go well you know where.

    • Heather  

      Hear, hear. Jacqui’s got guts and is standing up for our Australian way of life. Why the hell should she apologise!!! No Sharia here thank you. One law only, Australian.

  11. Anna Tauss  

    I have seen the program. I am also an immigrant originally but would stand up for the right, freedom of speech and the defence of Australian life. That’s what is precious to us all. That’s why we love living here. Why should we let anyone specially an outsider change that. There are not enough brave and outspoken people between us so treasure Jackie Lamby and thank her. She is our champion on the battlefield where more and more of our traditions are sacrificed in the name of political correctness gone madness not to offend Muslims . Don’t you feel offended? Why let this happen! The ABC has a very good program in Q/A impartial, controversal informative and well managed. Don’t embarrass them they have nothing to apologise for, it’s a show to went all kinds of ailments to see different views and get better informed.

    • Catherine Atewell  

      Jackie is right, this is Australia (when in Rome do as the Romans do)…and as an emigrant from UK. many years ago I still think how lucky am I. I follow the laws of Australia..and religion is a private matter. Aussies are very tolerant laid back and happy folk….our soldiers fought to preserve our way of life and our values.. why do people who do not like our way of life want to come here?..Perhaps they should stay in their own country where they are comfortable and work at making their way of life good…we fought for our counrty….some of the huge amount of money spent on unsuccessfully taking these refugees could be used to help them in their own lands?

    • Agostino larosa  

      I migrated to Australia 1967,and from the moment I step on Australia soil , I respect the laws of the land ,coming from non English country,I just want to saying its was hard to communicate,I was lucky Australia give that possibility to learn English,I always respect the law of the country,never broken the laws ,all way worked and pay my taxes ,never ask the country to support me ,,,,I’m proud to be Australian,,,only I want to say ,,,all of house people think contrary to the Australian way ,,,please give them one way ticket and send them back where they originate

      • Heather  

        Jacqui is pure champion as has been said. Stand up and be counted. No Sharia here, ever.

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