Jacqui Lambie gets fiery on Q&A

Jacqui Lambie has put on a fiery display during a heated episode of Q&A and it has everyone on social media talking.
Jacqui Lambie fires up in a debate on Q&A last night. Source: Q&A/Twitter

If you’re a regular viewer of the ABC’s Q&A program you’ll know it can get pretty fiery at times.

But last night took it to a whole new level.

Senator Jacqui Lambie joined last night’s panel, and she wasn’t holding back.

The independent senator was vocal on a number of issues – from power prices to cuts to the pension and family tax benefits, and of course climate change, Donald Trump and Pauline Hanson.

She went in to bat for age pensioners on a number of issues, including higher energy costs and argued against cuts impacting the most vulnerable in society.

Lambie claimed Hanson and One Nation “was not there for the underdog” because they back the government’s omnibus welfare bill.

She also compared the party to her former party Palmer United when asked if she’d have join forces with Hanson and One Nation.

“I was a part of a bigger, powerful entity once,” she said.

“Didn’t work too well for me and others.”

But it was on the subject of cuts to welfare and the childcare levies that she really fired up.

After Liberal senator James Paterson explained the situation, Lambie fired up.

“Oh, bulls***. I’m really angry about this,” she said.

“I have come through that system. I was on welfare, on a disability support pension for 10 years trying to support for two kids. I’ve been at work where I have had to pay the childcare expenses where they’ve cost me three quarters of my wage as a young private in the army.

“We can do it a better way. If those big companies start paying their damn tax and that needs to be done and that goes for Google and Facebook, start taxing them. Don’t tell me it’s very difficult. It’s very easy to come take money off your people living on or low the poverty line but it’s too hard to go after their big donors.”

And while she had the audience and social media on her side for most of the episode, it was a heated clash with Muslim activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied that really got everyone talking.

Lambie and Abdel-Magied became embroiled in a heated debate over Islam and Sharia Law, which descended into a yelling match before host Tony Jones stepped in.

If you missed the show, it all started when Lambie said Australia should follow Trump’s lead and bring in an immigration ban.

She argued that Australia should “look after our own backyard first” and deport Muslims who “support Sharia Law”.

“When we’ve got one-third of our age pensioners living on or below the poverty line something needs to be done,” she said.

“If that means we have to put a ban or a hold on that (immigration) for two years to fill in the gap and make sure that those people in our own backyard get what they need, so be it.”

That prompted Abdel-Magied to respond and ask the senator if she actually knew what Sharia Law was, arguing that it was simply “me praying five times a day”.

And that’s when the fight erupted.

“What about rights for women? You can’t be a sharia law supporter and be half pregnant at the same time.” Lambie argued.

Abdel-Magied hit back, arguing that Islam was “the most feminist religion”.

“We got equal rights well before the Europeans,” she said.

“We don’t take our husbands’ last names … We were given the right to own land, their property.

“The fact people go around dissing in my face without knowing anything about it and want to chuck me out of a country…”

Lambie responded by saying “We have one law in this country and it is the Australian law. It is not sharia law, not in this country. Not in my day.”

But according to Abdel-Magied, Sharia Law tells believers they must follow the laws of the land they live in.

She told lambie that she was talking about “stuff she didn’t know anything about” and spoke of how hurtful a travel ban would be.

But the senator was having none of it.

“We want to feel safe, be safe, and Donald Trump, if he wants to put those on hold for three months, he has every right to do so until he can work out exactly what is going on,” Lambie said.

“If that’s going to keep America safer just like it’s going to keep Australia — stop playing the victim. We’ve had enough.

“Your ban got lifted. Get over it.”

It was a debate that prompted claps and boos from the audience and was one of the most heated debates many had ever seen on Q&A.

Did you watch Q&A last night? What did you think of Jacqui Lambie? Did you agree with her views?




  1. we try to be to accomadating to other religions and people we have our traditions eroded our children are growing up to be brainwashed by so many lets be nice to other cultures that they are forgetting who they are ,they are the ones who are made to feel different with all these days were they come in their nationel costumes lets find out about these countries,this is australia were a lot off people come to escape opression dont bring it here we do not want it .teach kids we are Australians you must learn to fit with us not us fit with you ,not to bully,its true we pensioners pay the same amount for food and everything else as mr Turnbull but we dont have his pay packet .do you realise all this hot weather how many pensioners had air conditoners .how many can afford to run them .how many can buy tickets to movie shows to keep cool ,they have to sit in shopping malls till its cooler shame on MR TURNBULL hope he was comfy ;did he even consider those poor people

  2. Guy Flavell  

    Good on you Jacqui. Much of what you say is just so right and I admire you for
    the gusto you display in fighting for the rights of all Tasmanians. That Muslim woman
    last night was an hysterical dipstick. The two other pollies offered very little apart from
    the usual party mantra. That Luca fellow spouted gobblegook that I don’t think anyone
    really understood. Jacqui was the only one who seemed to offer any sensible comment.

  3. Sandy Balfour  

    I like and agree with Jacqui on many things but not her stand against Muslims last night. It is wrong to have a blanket prejudice against a race or religion. It’s just not fair. If and when anyone does do anything against the country they live in then they deserve the harshest punishment but give the innocent the benefit of the doubt.

    • Barb Cleland  

      You cant t beat the ABC I am not a fan of Jacqui Lamby but the girls got guts,she was too much for Mr Tony Jones and his weak counterparts, please Australia, no sharia law, we are Australians, if they want practice sharia law then go back to where you practice it along with “B” Hallal food that is creeping in.

  4. Scott  

    Jacqui was generally good, but the cat fight over Sharia law was not a good look. Jacqui does actually have the wrong end of the stick on that one.

  5. desleigh clarke  

    AS per usual with Q & A, the leftists got most of the time, particularly Abdel-Magied who was the loudest most obnoxious person on the program but she got first & last say, typical Tony Jones. If she is an example of Muslim women, it’s no wonder the men are trying to keep them suppressed. BTW, what is so wrong with hair growing out of your head?? Nails grow out of our fingers, hair grows out of our heads- so what?? Why cover it up like it’s evil or something? Those ideas are not part of their religion apparently so why do it?? To get attention methinks.

  6. Truth 13  

    Sharia Law also allow, four wives, girls to be given in marriage at the age of 9 years, most times without their consent, allow the man to beat up the woman & throw her out, allow stoning to death, beheading, whole body should be covered, which is called “burka”, woman has no place in the house or the in the public. In Saudi Arabia, the biggest Sharia country, women are banned from driving, a woman is not allowed to go on the road or be in a place, with a man, who is other than the husband, brother or the father. There has to be three witnesses to prove rape. No wonder, all the Muslim refugees, go ONLY to the Western Christian countries, and not to Arabian countries. There are millions of Muslim refugees, but rich Arabian countries have not accepted even JUST ONE. Where is the Sharia Law in those countries, if it a religion of peace, or is it to send the women in to pieces ?.

    • Elizabeth  

      “Father Abraham has many wives. Has many wives has Father Abraham. I am one of them, and so are you. So let’s all praise the Lord”. I was taught that at a Christian Sunday School. The law of the land over-rules both Christian and Sharia laws – thank goodness, as we see with many examples from both sides.

    • David Barker  

      Ms Lambie is representing the people of Tasmania to the best of her ability, and with the best of intentions. And her statements on Islam resonated the truth. However while the message was good, the messenger is an over-excited Bogan, whose critical thinking abilities are a bloody joke. I place her above Lyonhjelm – but not by much

  7. Elizabeth  

    Jacqui not only showed her complete ignorance about Abrahamic religions, she displayed appalling personal skills to a number of the panel members. Despite her maturity and experience, she did not show the courtesy of an apology for her behaviour – as was done by Yassmin. It’s fine to disagree, but it is not OK to behave in such a disrespectful manner – especially when she is in public office. I would have thought she may have had a chance to learn to be civil by now. But then, she is surrounded by numerous role-models with dubious skills in ‘common courtesy’.

  8. Robyn Pearson  

    I agree totally with Jackie she is right because we need to put a hold on immigration and help our people in our own backyard I am not racist but lets fix this problem with our country first

  9. Marilyn  

    I am sick of anyone who disagrees with Islam being lambasted for their views. We are a democratic country with freedom of speech but it doesn’t seem to apply when it comes to discussing Islam. Anyone who is literate can read the history of this religion and its leader; neither the person nor the ideology is peaceful . I do not wish to repeat previously written comments so you can look at the examples given in the post by Truth 13 which shows that the reality and Islamic spin are quite different. You only have to look at what is happening in predominantly Muslim countries to see the truth of this religion being borne out in practice.

    • Guy Flavell  

      Hear hear Marilyn, a brilliant comment that reflects the true feelings of the
      majority of Australians … apart from the 2% Islamic followers.

  10. wayne brown  

    Jacqui Lambie made me, an Aussie through and through, ashamed to be Australian last night.
    it wasn’t so much what she said, (although there were issues there}, but the way she went about it… no dignity, respect, shouting !!! A disgraceful appearance from one of our “leaders”.

    • Damien  

      Simple dont be an aussie leave. Every time someone stands up and dosent toe the old i feel sorry for these people line, crying hearts say stuff like you. She is very aussie and proud to speak her mind. We need more lambies and less sheep.

  11. Murray Walker  

    Sorry Jacque Lambie you were out classed by the young lady you set about to destroy. I feel ashamed to see this performance by one of our elected representatives.

  12. Louis - Born in Africa  

    I understand that even Easter Eggs have now been renamed to “Hunting Eggs” in deference to the anti Christian lobby.

    • Guy Flavell  

      Gee, was that an intelligent comment … NOT !!! Starts at 60 usually doesn’t attract
      nutcases but occasionally a few manage to slip through.

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