Mum accused of Bali cop murder ‘not coping’ in cell

If you’ve been following the case of the alleged murder of a Bali policeman by an Aussie mum of two,
Byron Bay mother Sarah Connor is now stuck in Bali for the murder of a policeman. Photo: YouTube (9 News Perth).

If you’ve been following the case of the alleged murder of a Bali policeman by an Aussie mum of two, then you’ll know it’s been complex and had many twists and turns.

But now it’s been revealed that the Byron Bay mother-of-two at the centre of the case is “not coping” inside the cell of the Balinese Police Station she’s called home for more than a month.

7 News is reporting Sarah Connor is suffering from “extreme stress”.

She’s reportedly living in a small dark cell with another woman and has been exercising but she’s not coping well.

You might be wondering why she’s stressed?

It could have something to do with the next round of interrogation she faces with Balinese police.

Connor and her British boyfriend David Taylor have been  interrogated multiple times by police, including taking part in a re-enactment of  the night policeman Wayan Sudarsa died.

So what’s next?

Well, prosecutors are expecting new information on the case – including what happened to the policeman’s phone after he was killed.

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Connor is accused of taking the phone and wallet off the policeman, although she has denied those claims.

The phone was reportedly found with the Connor and Taylor’s burned clothing.

More details on the case are expected to come to light on Monday, when the Aussie mum and her boyfriend are expected to be formally charged.

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Like the Schapelle Corby case and the Bali Nine case, it appears you’ll be hearing more about this case as time goes on.

Do you think Australian authorities could be doing more for Sarah Connor? Or do you think she landed herself in the mess?






  1. Wendy  

    Yes. Deserves support.
    Complex situation but I truly don’t think people just murder someone for no reason?
    More to the story for sure.
    Why would you kill someone while having a beer at the beach ?
    Are they having a joint and got caught out by the security guard
    or were they making out ? The mind boggles?

  2. margot  

    Not feeling that sorry for her. She was involved in a murder (to what degree remains to be seen) .. “not coping’ in jail? Tough.

    • Adele Ford  

      Re Bali Case
      I believe that a woman with children should be very careful who they associate with and especially with drugs and alcohol.
      Bali can be a dangerous place as this woman has found.
      She is charged with a very serious crime….

  3. shame ! it must be terrible for her and not knowing what shes going to be charged with and the thought she could spend the rest of her life here in jail or even shot by firing squad.

  4. Helen Murray  

    I understand that the conditions in the prison are terrible but a man is dead, his family no longer have him, she played a part in his death and must be accountable.

  5. elena  

    If I had 2 young children I would have been with them instead of…in the middle of the night in a foreign seaside. I like doing those things that is way I decided not to have children. Any way, she has enjoyed the time but at a cost…lived and learned, hopefully.

  6. yvonne stengel  

    if she tells her side of the story and sticks to it instead of changing all the time she might have more chance her boyfriend cant be much of a man

  7. She went to Bali with a much younger man for a sex and drug holiday. What could she see in him apart from vigorous sex. She has dug her own grave in that rotten place.

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