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Last week, Australian mother-of-two Sarah Connor, and Briton David Taylor were taken into custody after Balinese policeman, Wayan Sudarsa, was found dead on Kuta Beach with more than 40 wounds.

Ms Connor was spotted with what appeared to be a bite mark to her thigh sparking questions from the public if a sexual assault was involved.

Then, Mr Taylor has told police that murdered cop Mr Sudarsa had held Ms Connor down in the sand and that she had screamed, attracting passersby who came to her aid.

Now, Ms Connor claims that she was the one who tried to protect Mr Sudarsa.

“She said to me after she make a little bit of a reconstruction there, only between us, “I want to protect the victim”,” Ms Connor’s lawyer Erwin Siregar said.
“I want to separate between David Taylor and the victim and in this case I just want to protect the victim and so I am not guilty”.’

Denpasar District Police Chief Hadi Purnomo said on Wednesday that police went to Jimbaran, near Kuta, overnight and found the belongings of Wayan Sudarsa.

Bali officials also claimed to have found the bloodied clothes worn by the accused killers, which were allegedly stashed in a bush and then burnt inside a housing complex in nearby Jimbaran.
Police then found Mr Sudarsa’s ID cards cut up and dumped on the side of the road. They claim it was Ms Connor’s idea to destroy any evidence linking her and her boyfriend to the alleged crime, reports ABC News.

Mr Purnomo said police had asked Ms Connors’s boyfriend, British man David Taylor to tell them where he and Ms Connor had dumped the cop’s possessions.
“We took David there, but he couldn’t tell us clearly where the place was,” Mr Purnomo told reporters.
“So we went again during the night and we found the wallet, ID card, police card, motorbike registration letter, phone (sim) card, hand phone case.”
“It was put into a plastic bag and thrown away in Suluban Beach area in Uluwatu, South Kuta.”
He alleged that many of the cards had been cut up by Ms Connor and that it was her ‘idea’ to try to ‘lose the evidence”.

Police, he said, have also uncovered the remnants of burnt clothing the pair wore on the night Mr Sudarsa died and which they allegedly set alight in the hours before they were arrested on Friday.
Burnt fabric and a button was found in the bushes of Puri Gading Estate, Jimbaran, Mr Purnomo said.
“Cutting (those cards) was Sara’s idea. Burning (the clothes) idea may have come from both of them,” he added.

What do you think will happen to Sara?

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  1. When I first read/hear the news Sara said she was too drunk to remember anything. Then I heard other versions of the murder incident…Untruth and or different versions make me wonder what is going to be next confessions from Sara. Hopefully she confesses once for all the really true, this would save a lot of uncertainty and pain for every one concerned, evermore for the murdered´s family which is the one who are really suffering such an injustice. If she is guilty then to pay the consequences is right, if she is not, please, let her reunited with her family and friends as soon as possible.

  2. The problems associated with drinking too much, even “binge” drinking, going into alcoholic “blackout”, coming to, and trying to piece together what has happened, are very real. Having worked as a drug & alcohol counsellor for many years, alcoholic amnesia is a more common scenario than many people think. Thank God I came to my senses almost 30 years ago, and stopped drinking alcohol completely. Today, my clear head and bank account thank me every day.

    2 REPLY
    • In my old country claiming the most modern and liberal constitution
      “Konstytucja 3go maja”
      “Being drunk” was never accepted as an “excuse” – cruel but fair principle as per my books, because unless you have lost your marbles alltogether you knew what will happen to your “persona”.
      No excuse for drunks.

  3. Being responsible for you actions, and then facing the consequences when things go pear shaped.

    You have to very mindful when you go to these countries hat they have no tolerance for bad behavior, why people have to get so drunk that they can’t remember anything the next day is beyond me,

    I feel very sorry for her family and children, they have sterile time ahead of them,.

    Let’s hope the truth comes out for every ones sakes.

  4. So now they appear to be blaming each other, very confusing. Mind you, IF either or one of them is innocent, I would not like their chances of a fair trial in Bali. I would really like to know who & why someone bit her though????

  5. This is hardly a subject that needs discussing on this page. Scraping the bottom of the barrel to find something to discuss.

    2 REPLY
    • True, don’t think it is useful to anyone to publicly speculate on a case that is yet to be heard in a court

      1 REPLY
      • Exactly, this page has gone from the mundane to the ridiculous.

    • True, don’t think it is useful to anyone to publicly speculate on a case that is yet to be heard in a court

  6. One question:

    Why DO people still go to this c@&) country?

    Be stupid, get drunk, maybe do ‘something’ wrong, then that’s the end of your life, for many years’.
    And the Aussie woman has children! Poor kids’……,.

    Dumb,,& dumber!

    Will people EVER learn?
    No, because they’re idiots’.

  7. I have never lived in Indonesia, but I sincerely believe she will never leave the place, nor her boyfriend.
    They can both say goodbye to the world.

    1 REPLY
    • I agree with your comment Jennette, sad but true, they want to drink and be stupid, then they will pay the price….

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