Major blow for Hillary Clinton just days out from election

There’s been no shortage of scandals during the US presidential election campaign. But now an old one has come back

There’s been no shortage of scandals during the US presidential election campaign.

But now an old one has come back to haunt Hillary Clinton.

Thats right, the email scandal is rearing its head again – prompting the FBI to re-open their investigation into her use of a private email server.

With just 11 days to go before the election, it’s not good news for the Democratic candidate.

So, why is the FBI re-opening their investigation?

Well, FBI director James Comey has penned a letter to a few Republicans stating that he has been made aware of emails that could be relevant to the investigation.

But he did say the FBI wasn’t sure if the emails were significant and he couldn’t provide a time frame.

The issue has dogged Clinton from the start of her campaign, with Republicans vowing to continue their investigations even if she wins office.

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You might be wondering how the candidates have reacted to the news?

Well, it’s as you might have expected.

Clinton made no mention of the investigation at a rally in Iowa, ignoring questions from reporters as she got off her plane.

She did however,  tell her supporters that “anything can happen” in the final days before the election.

Meanwhile Donald Trump is making the most of it.

“I have great respect for the fact that the FBI and the Department of Justice are now willing to have the courage to right the horrible mistake that they made,” Mr Trump said during a rally in New Hampshire.

What do you think of the latest development? Will it impact Hillary Clinton’s campaign?




  1. rikda  

    Hardly. This has been an installation from the word go.
    Her campaign has been protected by the corrupt MSM documented by Wikileaks.
    The primaries were blatantly corrupt toward Clinton.
    George Soros (Chelsea Clintons Uncle in law) owned voting machines hacked & flipping votes in her favour.
    FBI destroying evidence & stonewalling congress for the full investigation report.
    Nobody more qualified to maintain the status quo as war mongering “invading terrorists” (US peace council quote)
    God help America, because everyone else will suffer.

  2. Pamela  

    The investigation won’t be finalised until after the election is over.

    The FBI are just covering their *rses because Trump said he would fire them for allowing Hillary’s criminal activity to go unchecked.

    Her evil deeds are mind-boggling!

  3. Diana  

    We don’t know what either Clinton or Trump have been up to in their “former” lives, only what the other has been saying and the media has been sprouting.

    However, if Hillary Clinton is forced to stepped down, Bernie Sanders would then step into her place and that would be the BEST THING THAT COULD POSSIBLY HAPPEN.

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