Is this a sign The Queen may be vacating the throne?

Many who are in their 90s have enjoyed quite a few years of retirement, but The Queen has kept a

Many who are in their 90s have enjoyed quite a few years of retirement, but The Queen has kept a busy official schedule well into retirement years. Starting after Christmas, that is set to change.

The Queen will be stepping down from a number of the charities that she was the patron of. These roles will be given to other members of the Royal Family including Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince Harry. Some of the organisations that she will be stepping down from include children’s charities, National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and Save the Children UK. She will also be stepping down from sporting organisation Lawn Tennis Association and the Rugby Football Union. Academic groups such as Institution of Civil Engineers and the Royal Geographic Society will also be missing The Queen in the New Year.

In total 25 organisations will be losing The Queen as a parton. Prince Philip will also be stepping down from a number of charities he also works for. An official statement from the palace said, “Her Majesty will continue to serve as patron to hundreds of charities and institutions but will now share this work with her family”.

Many have taken this lowering of the workload as a sign that The Queen is starting the process of passing down the throne. She already has the record for being the world’s longest reigning monarch. Official word from the palace is that she is not stepping down and will continue to be patron for over 600 organisations.

Do you think that this is a sign that she is getting ready to step down? Or is this simply a case of her reducing her commitments due to her age?

  1. No she is there until she dies as is her right. Her uncle abdicated and left her father with a job that killed him. Would you give up your home/business and hand all your stuff over to your eldest, move out, live in another country That’s what she will have to do.You cannot have two Monarch living in the same country.

    • Be Potter  

      Not sure thats correct….She would not be disgraced (as was her uncle)

    • Glenda Gardiner  

      Unfortunately apart the stresses of being King, he was also a smoker. Never nice to lose a loved one fairly young.

  2. Wendy  

    I think at jher fine age she is entitled to share the load with family she has been marvellous to keep going for so long

  3. colin  

    trouble is we get the adulterer on the throne. about time we were rid of these parasites

    • Guy Flavell  

      Comments like this only reflect the low intellect of the Writer.

      • Jim Richardson  

        Totally agree agree Guy Flavell.

  4. Susan  

    It is time for the rest of the family to share the duties as I am sure they already do. She has worked very hard for so many years and I am sure she has instilled a good work ethic in her family. I sure hope her son starts measuring up to his responsibilities. Frankly, he does not impress me at all.

  5. Chris  

    I go along with Wendy & Susan’s comments. The Queen will never step down , she is there for ALL of her life.

  6. Joan Marshall  

    I do not feel that the Charles Diana and Camilla saga will ever die down. Charles should have got a divorce instead of being sly though he says he was sincere to Diana for quite some time before the marriage broke down. Queen Camilla? I cannot imagine it. As for saying divorce is not allowed in the Royal Family is utter nonsense surely if given a choice of scandal or respect the Royal Family should agree to divorce in fact the Queen demanded it eventually.

    • Dawn Rothwell  

      Charles and Diana were divorced!

      • I always understood a divorced person could not sit on the throne,that is why it was handed to the Queens father as her uncle married a divorced woman

        • Pamela  

          Henry V111 divorced his 1st and 4th wives and continued to rule!

          King Edward VIII June 1936 abdicated to marry Mrs Wallis Simpson, as he was not able to marry a divorced woman and become King. Mrs. Simpson was an American, a divorcee and had two husbands still living.

  7. Pamela vorbach  

    Get over it media she has a right to say or ddo anything she likes she has wellearnt this right.

  8. Stephen  

    The media has been speculating about her retirement for 20 years, and they still don’t get it. A monarch has never and will never retire. They might not do anything; they may become certified insane like the biblical Nebuchadnezzar did for 7 years; or go into non functional grief for decades like Queen Victoria. But they only stop being a monarch by abdication, like our Queens uncle did to set an example she will never follow; or simply by dying. A few get overthrown and end up in the Tower, but they are still the monarch until they die. That is just the way it is, Charles knows this, William knows this, anyone with half a brain knows this, but mindless speculation seems to sell media, so who cares. Let’s carry on like mindless idiots and follow the trash magazines, it is better than reality isn’t it??

  9. ex Kiwi  

    Hey Susan you say that you cannot have two monarchs living in the same country….. The queen mother lived there as well

    • Kay  

      She was never the Queen, her husband was King

  10. Mary  

    Long live the queen,she is a remarkable woman. I am please she is still the head of australia, we need the monach

  11. Stella  

    If the queen does step down then I think Charles should do the right thing and renounce being King, leaving William and Kate much more respected to take the roll as King and Queen!

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