Here we go again… MP prepared to challenge Malcolm Turnbull for top job

One of Tony Abbott’s key supporters says he is prepared to go head to head with Malcolm Turnbull over the

One of Tony Abbott’s key supporters says he is prepared to go head to head with Malcolm Turnbull over the prime ministership.

Mr Andrews was dumped from the Defence portfolio when Mr Turnbull came into power last September and it seems as though he’s not ready to let go of it just yet.

Despite the fact that Mr Turnbull and the entire Liberal Party have repeatedly promised a stable and fight-free government, there have been reports of grumblings from the back bench since day one.

Mr Andrews has previously challenged Julie Bishop for her job as Deputy Leader of the Liberal party, but suffered a whopping loss at 70 votes to 30.

Speaking about a possible challenge against Mr Turnbull, Mr Andrews said he would not set out “saying I want to be prime minister”.

“It has never been my burning ambition to be the leader of the party, but if circumstances arose, which they did in both of those instances where I thought there should be a change or a contest, I am prepared to do it,” he said.

Angry voters have already come out to accuse Mr Andrews of thinking about his own interests and not what is best for the Australian people.

What are your thoughts?

Would you like to see Malcolm Turnbull voted out? Is this just history repeating with more party in-fighting?

  1. I believe or Australian government looks disoriented. Disoriented and out of real world. Malcolm is encircled by bunch of losers and can’t breathe in order to think, however all the thinking are happening by tourists and alike.

  2. Robinoz  

    It’s a sign of desperation when a person like Mr Andrews thinks he has a chance at being PM.
    Maybe we should sack the government and opposition and put in place an administration run by one of our major accounting and legal companies. We could then look for some talent to replace the ineffective government and opposition we have.

  3. Carol A Miller  

    Yes Mr Turnbull should go he is not doing a thing to justify that position. He wanted to be P.M. for prestige, he didn’t care which party as long as he was P.M. He has no morals and lives off Mr abbott’s achievements of which there were many.
    He is too obsessed with himself and his priviliged position. He should go and let someone with new ideas have a chance. It’s too late to say the swinging door shouldn’t be allowed, it has happened and I for one will not vote Liberal while all those stupid traitors are there.

  4. HS  

    There are better party members like Julie Bishop and even Scott Morrison who deserve to be leaders rather than Kevin Andrews who is a great mate of the deposed Tony Abbott. Sounds as though Kevin is encouraged to rock the boat of disunity within the Liberal Party. Perhaps, it’s time to have real adults running our government. We are so tired of these immature children playing politics at our expense!

  5. [email protected]  

    Well said Carol the Liberal party have lost the plot and have also lost my vote. Saying that Labor or Greens will not be getting my vote either. Time for the minor parties to get out there and tell us what they are going to do for Australua and the working public. I also need to know what is going to be done to stop the greed now within this country starting with Polies and CEO wages and taxing the large companies within this country. Time for the greed to stop and Australia to get back to looking after the working families and the pentioners who worked hard for this country without all the handouts which they give out today.

  6. Warwick Hines  

    I strongly suspect that Turncoat is a Labor plant deliberately sabotaging the coalition to lose the next election.

    Also, look at his strongly leftist/warmist actions like flushing away $1 BILLION to the “Clean Energy Finance Corp” etc.

    Say no more!

  7. Warwick Hines  

    Meanwhile, neither side of politics is tackling our most urgent financial problem.
    David Uren:
    “The federal government’s debt is growing at a rate of $5 billion a month and is expected to keep rising at that pace until well into next year when it will hit $500bn… “

    Reply 

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