Aldi kicks off new round of price wars

The supermarket price wars are well and truly on, with the latest announcement from Aldi affecting the prices of popular spring

The supermarket price wars are well and truly on, with the latest announcement from Aldi affecting the prices of popular spring products, with permanent price cuts of up to 25 per cent. This just means more good news for shoppers everywhere.

Earlier this year, Coles and Woolworths showed they wouldn’t be backing down from any changes, and were willing to step up to offer price cuts too.

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From today, Aldi has reduced its marinated lamb legs by $5 to $14.99, chicken kebabs by $1 to $9.99, 1kg Greek yoghurt by 30c to $3.69, and 1kg rindless bacon by 50c to $2.49. Other products getting the chop include chocolate chip cookies, nuts and tuna.

“We concentrate on selling our select range of exclusive brands rather than spending money on customer loyalty programs or expensive point of sale displays,” an Aldi spokeswoman said.

“All of this means we can deliver permanently lower prices to consumers.

“Aldi has consistently led the market on pricing, with independent research finding shoppers save up to 30 per cent when comparing like for like single items and the full weekly family shop. Our exclusive brands are benchmarked to be equivalent to, or better than, the market leading products, so while they are offered at a discount price, they never compromise on quality.”

There were reports last month that suggested shoppers may be tired of shopping at Aldi, as indicated by the German retailer’s market share taking a hit in NSW, Victoria and Queensland during the financial year of 2016.

Despite a rapid expansion up and down the east coast, Aldi’s market share dropped to 11.7 per cent in June, down from 12 per cent in the same month in 2015 — the first time Aldi’s growth has hit a speed bump since opening its inaugural store in Bankstown 15 years ago, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Do you shop at Aldi? Are you looking forward to taking advantage of these price cuts?

  1. Sharon Donovan  

    Thats all well and good – reduce the prices and at the same time reduce the choices. In the past 12 months Aldi has been doing a lot of product deletions. Examples – you can only buy white bread rolls now – they dropped multi grain and soy and linseed in the last 6 months. Cream cheese block – gone – now deleted – advised that it was a seasonal thing – it has not been on the shelf for 12 months. Lacura Spa facial product range – Ad Hoc – when asked about they blame the truck for not delivering – the truck has been lost for 12 months. Utopia Ice Creams – 12 months ago there was a choice of 5 different flavours – now only vanilla and almond – when asked about was told to look elsewhere (other supermarket) Farmdale LL Milk – Absent from the shelves consistently – same lost truck ?? – Manager blames the trucks on everything. Also they are now putting in a lot of higher priced groceries – my question – why ??? Aren’t Aldi about value for money, etc ….. big brother creeping in Me Thinks !!! Keep your eyes open – there a lot of changes happening – to many to mention on this post.

    • Marion  

      Yes I have noticed a lot of price increases each week also lack of choice and a lot òf items disappeared when I arrive to shop many shelves are empty and not restocked. I have been shopping at coles first then just getting certain items at aldi. BTW fruit and veg seem second grade and not fresh slowly moving away from aldi

    • Dean  

      The cream cheese block is summer only and has been for years. It’s back now btw

  2. Corinne Smith  

    I always shop at Aldi and I like the products they sell. However, my hair dye has disappeared of the shelf and I have mentioned this before. The cauliflowers in the Hamilton store are not good. I shop on a Thursday and the cauliflowers are discoloured with bad bits in them
    They have been like this since the beginning. It drives me crazy

  3. Barbara Cleland  

    yes I complained about the beans as they were always wet in the packet now the beans have gone, and the large cheap Muesli has gone upon enquiring they said it was on the truck. Lidl is coming here they are cheaper than Aldi,look out Aldi!!!

  4. Lyn swain  

    What has happened to the quality of the so called fresh fruit and veggies,have wasted a lot of money over the last month throwing it out two days after buying.

  5. gail jelly  

    their weetbix went up from $2:99 to $3:19 big jump in price!

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