Woman sues hotel for unplanned pregnancy

Pregnant woman
Pregnant woman

A woman has attempted to sue a hotel after becoming pregnant on a three-night rendezvous with a man she only knew as ‘Michael’.

According to the court papers, the woman stayed in the hotel in Halle, Germany, with the man in 2010 – and gave birth nine months later.

The woman asked the hotel for information that could lead to her tracking down the man’s identity to have him pay child support.

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There were four men named Michael checked into the hotel during the dates the woman stayed at the hotel. When the hotel asked her for more details that could help them identify which Michael it was, she was unable to provide anything.

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The hotel refused to give out the details of all four men as they deemed it would put the guests’ privacy in jeopardy.

The court dismissed the case, officially named ‘Father Roulette’, as it determined all four men involved had the right to a private life and self-determination, and releasing the details could potentially damage the marriages and families of the men involved.

The court also commented it cannot be certain whether the man who slept with the woman was actually named Michael.

People have taken to social media to comment on the outcome of the case, with overwhelming support being in favour of the court’s decision. 

“I hope she never sees a cent!! She decided to keep the child, that’s her problem now,” one user said. 

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Another person commented, “Sorry, but this woman is a special kind of stupid. If you’re going to have a one night stand with someone – use protection! If you have sex, pregnancy is a distinct possibility. Not rocket science.”

There were, however, some who did speak up in her defence, with one user commenting, “Wow. Shaming & blaming the woman who’s having to raise his child?! That’s sad! It takes two to tango, yet the blame always resides with the woman.”

Others offered up solutions to the problem: “The court could privately contact the men and ask if they know the woman. If one says yes tell them he could be a father and give him her info. There. Problem solved.”

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What do you think of the court’s decision? Let us know in the comments below. 

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