Why you’re asked to open your window before landing

Why you're asked to open your window before landing

It might seem like such an insignificant request to make during take-off and landing, but there is a very important reason why passengers are asked to put their window up during a flight.

There are a whole variety of theories out there, but it’s the flight attendants and pilots who really know the answer.

What do you think the reason is behind the request to put your windows up during a flight? If you answered safety reasons, then you’re right, but communications manager from Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Peter Gibson, has been kind enough to elaborate.

“In case of an emergency, cabin crew need to decide which side of the aircraft is safest to disembark from,” he told Business Insider Australia. “Leaving the window shade up allows them to make a quick call.”

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Aviation Safety Officer Saran Udayakumar elaborated even further on a thread on Quora, adding that during an emergency, the cabin crew have just 90 seconds to evacuate a plane and without those windows open, they just won’t be able to make a swift judgement in time.

“Passengers are curious; hence they are perfect extra eyes to see if something goes wrong out there. Usually passengers report stuff right away,” he said.

“In case of sudden emergencies, every second counts. Therefore if shades are open crew can easily see outside conditions to help them in planning the evacuation — which doors to use for evacuation.”

When the windows are open that allows passengers to see out and actually report a problem if they see something outside.

So, the next time you take a flight and are asked to put your windows up before takeoff or landing, give the pilot and crew a hand and keep an eye out.

Have you experienced something like this on a flight? Let us know in the comments section below.

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