Watch: Secrets to planning the perfect U.S. holiday

The United States of America is one heck of a big country with plenty of things to do while you’re there, but without a bit of planning you can miss out on some of the best bits.

Whether you want to go on a road trip and drive along the iconic Route 66, see the Grand Canyon or live it up in New York, there’s a myriad things to see and do. All you have to do is know how best to get it all done in one trip.

Regular wanderers and Australian travel bloggers Jane and Duncan Dempster-Smith from, have spent some time in the country and are a wealth of knowledge about how to plan the perfect U.S. holiday.

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“The way that we look at it is that we associate it with the weather,” says Duncan. “And to be honest, at our age, we’re looking for the summer route.”

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“We would definitely recommend staying away from the winter. But if you do have winter in mind and do want to experience that certainly consider it.”

But aside from planning when to go, there’s the question of where, which Duncan says requires some careful consideration.

“We definitely plan to go into southern U.S., travel the routes of that area, get into the culture, New Orleans, and then make our way up using the campervans and the ability to use cars and being able to drive safely.”

Take a look at the entire video above fore more travel tips and advice. 

Have you been on a trip to the United States? Do you have any tips for holiday makers? Let us know in the comments section below.

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