Watch: How to travel Europe with just carry-on luggage

Seasoned travellers and well-known bloggers, Jane and Duncan Dempster-Smith from, are a wealth of advice when it comes to travelling around the world. Not only have they downsized their home, sold most of their possessions and become house sitters in different countries around the world, they have also travelled extensively through Europe.

With that experience comes knowledge about what to do, but also what to pack (or what not to pack!). If you’re planning a trip to Europe but don’t know what should and shouldn’t make it into your luggage, take a tip from these two.

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Jane and Duncan say that packing lightly is going to give travellers the most freedom in Europe. Their advice is, if you can get away with just bringing carry-on luggage, do it.

Carry-on luggage to Europe

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“It’s about layering,” says Duncan. “It’s about getting in and making sure you have outfits for wet and cold weather and for the summer. 

“We visualise what it is that we’re going to be doing, where we’re going to be going. [Then] we lay it all out on the bed with the bag to the side and we try to put it all into the bag.”

If you have too much, Duncan suggest you attempt to take some of your items out and decide what should stay behind.

“What carry-on luggage has taught me is that I don’t need all the toiletries that I thought I do need. The beauty routine is very basic these days,” Jane adds. 

If you’re thinking about travelling through Europe with just your carry-on luggage, here are some of Jane and Duncan’s tips.

  • Make use of layering your clothing
  • Limit the amount of shoes you need to travel with
  • Be realistic about what you actually need
  • Consolidate your items before you pack
  • Pack less toiletries than you’re used to at home

Do you have any packing tips for travelling visiting Europe? Let us know in the comments section below.

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